After years appearing on PGA TOUR broadcasts for CBS, Peter Kostis And Gary McCord were unceremoniously let go by the network in late 2019.

But both have continued onward within golf and have teamed together to provide a new golf video podcast, appropriately named — “Off Their Rockers.”

The two former broadcast partners have teamed up once again, this time to provide commentary, interviews, entertainment and swing help for golfers of all levels on their weekly show.

Both were interviewed to provide their assessment of their time with CBS, their involvement with The Masters and various other issues impacting the future of golf.

Peter Kostis:

Peter KostisWorld renown golf instructor. Among his many students are Paul Casey, Chez Reavie, Bernhard Langer, Steve Elkington, Dan Marino, Maury Povich and Mike Schmidt. He has the Peter Kostis Learning Academy at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Peter was the instructor who coached Kevin Costner in “Tin Cup” and also appeared in the film as himself. He was famous for his slow-motion breakdowns of Tour players swings as the lead on-course reporter and golf analyst for CBS from 1992 through 2019.

Gary McCord:

Gary McCordPlayed in over 400 PGA Tour events but never won, but won twice on the PGA Tour Champions. In 1984 Gary won the PGA Tour Best Putter award for fewest putts. In 1986, McCord joined CBS Sports as a golf analyst and won fame for his outspokenness and irreverence.

Gary has also written two books, Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists and Golf for Dummies. He appeared as himself in the Kevin Costner movie “Tin Cup”, which he says is based partially on his life.


You privately have the ear of Masters Chairman Fred Ridley — what specific thing would you tell him needs to be carried out during The Masters?

McCord: LIV players having their own locker room.

Kostis: I would implore him to say the animosity and vitriol about PGA TOUR and LIV Golf must come to an end for the good of golf.

Most thrilling Masters you covered?

Kostis: Tiger’s first win in 1997 and Tiger’s last win in 2019.

McCord: My first one in 1986. Jack reels it in on the back nine.

What’s your view on the added length for the par-5 13th — good or bad idea?

Kostis: Adding length to holes to combat length doesn’t work. If you require more length to be successful, players will figure a way to hit it farther.

Most underrated and overrated holes at Augusta National and why?

McCord: The most overrated hole at Augusta, in my opinion, is the 13th. Before it was lengthened everybody in the field could have a go at this green in two with a decent drive.

Now we will find out what the hole has in store with more bulk to it. The most underrated hole on the course to me is the 5th. Tough drive, tough second shot. All malice.

Kostis: Most underrated hole is the 1st and the most overrated is the 11th.

Peter Kostis and Gary McCord 1

You’ve got one major you can add to your name — which one is it?

McCord: The U.S. Open.
Kostis: Probably the Masters.

Do you miss being with CBS Sports during the golf coverage and would you go back if asked?

Kostis: I miss some of the aspects in being with CBS Golf coverage, but would not want to go back to work with the current crew and environment if asked.

McCord: I miss the team and the fun the roadshow provided but I would not go back.

Greatest shot you personally witnessed during your Masters years.

McCord: My tee shot in a practice round, playing with Jodie Mudd and Mac O’Grady. They were in the tournament and I was broadcasting from the 16th hole, the par 3. Pin was left but we tried to put our tee shots on shelf back right to see if we could stop it there. I pulled my shot badly and holed it out for an ace! I was aiming 60 feet right off where I hit it. Funny game this golf!

Kostis: Greatest shot for me was on my hole –the 13th when Phil Mickelson hit his approach from the trees and pine straw (2010 Masters).

If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally – what would it be and why?

Kostis: If I could change one thing in golf, it would be putting an end to some of the ridiculous traditions that were fine 50-100 years ago but in today’s world doesn’t invite new players to the game.

McCord: Make it more inclusive.

You’ve got one word to describe yourself — which one do you select?

McCord: Honest.

Kostis: Thoughtful.

Peter and Gary

Best advice you ever received – what was it and who was it from?

Kostis: Bob Toski told me years ago, “Those of us who dare to teach, must NEVER cease to learn”
McCord: “No one has ever gotten out of this alive so have some fun while it last,” John Jacobs.

Rank in order the following players —

*Jack Nicklaus
*Tiger Woods
*Bob Jones
*Ben Hogan
*Walter Hagen
*Gary Player
*Sam Snead
*Tom Watson
*Phil Mickelson
*Seve Ballesteros
*Nick Faldo
*Lee Trevino

McCord: Alphabetical order.  I hate ranking things.

Kostis: Nicklaus, Jones, Woods, Hogan, Hagen, Snead, Trevino, Player, Watson, Ballesteros, Mickelson, Faldo.

The USGA / R&A recently announced a proposal for an elite golf ball to be used for such competitions. In favor of or against and why?

Kostis: I do not like in any way, shape or form the ball roll back proposal . Trying to find a simple solution to a very complicated problem is a fool’s errand.

McCord: Against it, girls love the long ball.

Give a letter grade for the leadership / actions taken by Masters Chairman Fred Ridley to date.

McCord: Incomplete body of work not extensive enough to date.

Kostis: B+.

If Augusta National reached out and asked you to join — would you accept it?

Kostis: Probably, if I could afford it.

McCord: No, can’t afford it.

You’ve got one round to play –what course is chosen and who are the other three people joining you — whether alive or dead.

McCord: If I had only one golf course to play it would be a really long one. My favorite foursome would be Margot Robbie and I would tell the other two guys to get lost!

Kostis:  Probably St. Andrews with my two sons and my grandson. I’ve played with enough “big names” so for me it’s family first. Plus! My grandson is very young so I’ll have to live a lot longer for this to happen!

Peter Kostis and Gary McCord 3


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