While many apparel companies are promoting UV protective technology in their tops, two siblings at SanSoleil were the first to bring this healthy trend to the market.

The brother and sister team, Kevin and Diane Knight have worked in the apparel industry for 40 years, with the last 14 years focused on sun protection at their company SanSoleil. Initially they made sun protective tops for women only. Kevin is an avid golfer and realized the LPGA players needed protection. SanSoleil is constantly donating to players and teachers.

SanSoleil Monarchs in the rough

Diane notes that women tend to be more proactive about protecting their skin whereas men go to the dermatologist when they need to and then figure out the next step is protection.

SanSoleil offers tops for men as well with the key idea that both genders extend their play time. Still, the higher percentage of sales is to women.

They are excited about the upcoming Women’s Golf Day although year-round, club women and women’s golf teams order matching tops for their events.

The brand is health care related with a focus on fashion and function.

They started with solid cottons, but tech was trending and now they are always looking for different fabrications. Nano technology brings a cooling effect into the fabric for SanSoleil’s “SolCool®.”

Copper and jade are woven into the yarns offering permanent sun protection and cooling. The Chinese used jade for centuries as a cooling agent and it offers extraordinary UV protection, creating a UV 50+ rating for SanSoleil’s apparel collections. Mesh inserts in the sleeves also help players stay cool.

sundance multiCopper is a wicking agent, which quickly takes moisture from the skin, and transports it to the top of the fabric, where it evaporates at an incredible rate.

Copper has natural anti-microbial characteristics eliminating odor and has anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Diane attributes much of their success to treating employees and customers as family. Some of their long-standing, strong service team has been together for over 30 years including Margie Brenner, responsible for production and design.

They have great artists creating whimsical prints as alternatives to the rainbow of solid color choices. For St. Patrick’s Day they dropped a clover leaf collection that brings timeless luck to the game.

Foil fabric prints were brought on as short-term trendy pieces, but the shimmery fabric is a standout and pairs well with Duca Del Cosma silver shoes for a shiny fashion statement.  Diane says they also do a nice business with their Americana prints. USA!

Bottoms and dresses add to the lineup, but tops continue as the top sellers. While everybody claims to have UV protection, these siblings started the show with SanSoleil, French for without sun.

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Visit: www.sansoleil.net