Cracked Wheat has cracked the code to producing fine golf apparel for women and for marketing to US shops. While 6 years young in the golf market, the brand has been in existence for 38 years. The parent company is Montreal based DoGree Fashions which has been in business since 1953. It is a leading company in headwear, one of the largest in the world with offices in Asia and distributing worldwide under their brand names CTR, Chaos and private label brands.

Cracked Wheat Paradiso Caelie Teal Golf Dress

Nauzie Dibai has designed the golf collections for the past 6 years. She shares, “Every year I try to design a collection that is fashion forward but keeping in mind the game of golf making it functional for the sport.”

I first noticed the brand in the Wigwam Golf shop in Goodyear, Arizona. It was new and different but not as striking as it has become. Recently Cracked Wheat has appeared in several shops where we visited and what appeals most is the simple but elegant dress designs. I’ve been a fan of golf dresses for years, watching to see how they catch on. More brands venture into this feminine style of golf apparel that truly goes from the course to any event or activity beyond, yet there is a resistance.

According to Nauzie, Cracked Wheat’s goal “is to provide versatile women’s sportswear, blending fashion and function. We know that women of all ages, shapes, and sizes play golf. We want the customer to be comfortable, look good, and feel great when they wear Cracked Wheat. Attention to color and detail lays at the heart of our designs, making our collection easy to co-ordinate and merchandise. The fabrics are carefully selected to meet the needs of a golfer. They are light weight, soft hand feel, not form fitting, drape nicely, and most importantly have easy care. Designs are created to be worn both on and off the golf course and keeping up with fashion trends. This is golf wear for real women.” That’s a big goal and they are cracking it.