When TaylorMade Golf introduced the Speed Bridge in the M5 and M6 irons, a steel bar tying the back of the head from sole to top of the blade, it was a first in the industry. For the new season the company has brought it to their latest game-improvement and super game-improvement irons the SIM Max and SIM Max OS.

The Speed Bridge greatly reduces the flex across the cavity back making the face more stable and allowed engineers to reduce the thickness of the face to a very thin 1.5mm as well as put in at slot in the sole. This Thru-Slot Pocket creates a free-floating face that produces more ball speed which means more distance compared with the 2019 M6 model.

Another plus of the SIM Max and SIM Max OS is the introduction of an internal damper running the entire length of the head. At impact this “Echo Damping System” absorbs vibration without effecting the flex of the face producing a confidence-inspiring feel. Since impacts towards the toe tend to miss right engineers adjusted placement of their variable face thickness design, Inverted Cone Technology, nearer the toe to promote a draw bias. Positioning is closest to the toe in the 4-iron.

The SIM Max OS has a similar construction but in a larger, so-called oversize, head with a wider more chamfered sole and taller face. TaylorMade says it is the longest hitting iron they make.

Key Features TaylorMade SIM Max & SIM Max OS
SIM Max game-improvement category
SIM Max OS super game-improvement category
Cast construction
Speed Bridge and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket
ECHO Damping System
Progressive Inverted Cone variable face thickness
Preorder Jan. 10 at retail Feb. 7
SIM Max or SIM Max OS irons 4-AW $899 steel/$999 graphite
KBS Max 85 steel shafts or Fujikura Ventus Blue graphite shafts