Hot Launch 521 Designed to be the Leader in Performance Value Custom Fitting  

Tour Edge announces the launch of two new Tour Edge Hot Launch series that are designed to cover both ends of the Game Improvement golf club spectrum. 

The Hot Launch E521 line is for Extreme Game Improvement, while the Hot Launch C521 are Competition Spec Game Improvement golf clubs. Both unique lines of E and C Series feature different shapes, specs and shafts with separate drivers, fairway metals, hybrids and irons. 


In all, 46 different lofts of clubs in right-handed clubs and 20 lofts in left-handed models are covered in this massive launch by Tour Edge.


“We have designed the new Hot Launch 521 series to offer both sides of game improvement in one colossal launch,” said Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod. “This is the biggest launch in our 34-year history.”

Today, the surging Midwest-based company is unveiling the two Hot Launch 521 drivers behind this innovative thinking. 

The E Series are Extreme Spec Game Improvement designs that boast a super-low Center of Gravity (CG), super-shallow faces, offset designs and extremely light premium shafts designed to get the ball launching in the air with ease for slower to mid-tempo swing speed players.

The C Series features premium, state-of-the-art Competition Spec designs with a higher M.O.I. in classically shaped clubs that provide medium+ swing speeds the ability to launch the ball easily and with added forgiveness and power across the face.


Both the E and C Series feature brand new technologies designed to produce different playing characteristics to the specific series targeting two distinct player-types looking for game improvement qualities. 


Both new series of Hot Launch feature a brand-new look with a sleek, all-black PVD finish.


“What we’ve found is that the Game Improvement market falls into two distinct categories,” said Glod. “One side for players who want extreme ease of use and launch to the maximum degree and those who want the benefits of game improvement clubs, but with classic head shapes.”


On October 8th, Tour Edge will unveil the E521 and C521 fairway metals and hybrids, followed by the Hot Launch E521 and C521 hybrids, irons and wedges unveiling on October 13th


The new premium Hot Launch 521 series will be available globally on November 1, 2020.


Hot Launch E521 (Extreme Spec)


You’ve heard of Super Game Improvement. With the launch of the new Tour Edge Hot Launch E Series, welcome to the era of Extreme Game Improvement golf clubs.


The Hot Launch E Series features high M.O.I. Extreme Game Improvement designs with a major emphasis on ease of launch, playability and correcting miss-hits and slices to go straighter.


Hot Launch E521 is all about ease of use. These all new shapes bring extreme M.O.I. to higher-lofted, shallow-faced, offset metalwoods, something not seen before in the industry.


With the irons in the E Series, Tour Edge is offering their ultimate forgiveness hollow-body iron-wood sets, using a utility iron design as a full-blown iron set from 3-iron to Approach wedge. 


“Hot Launch E521 were designed to be the easiest-to-hit golf clubs on the market,” said Glod. “That is why we are calling these extreme game improvement specs.”


The Hot Launch E521 driver, fairway metal, hybrid and iron-woods will all be unveiled over the next week. The E Series will also include an Extreme Game Improvement wedge. 


Hot Launch C521 (Competition Spec)


The Hot Launch C Series offers competitive golfers looking for a leg up Game Improvement clubs designed for their player preferences.


The Hot Launch C521 models feature minimal offset designs in the metalwoods and forgiving, extreme distance irons for medium+ swing speeds to attain maximum ball speed and increased forgiveness. These Competition Spec models were designed to suit the eye at address and to provide enhanced acoustic properties that provide ultra-premium sound and feel.  


Hot Launch C Series is for the player who is seeking classic shapes with optimal launch and spin rates, while still enjoying the benefits of extreme ease of use and high Moment of Inertia properties that will tighten dispersion and increase overall accuracy. 


The C Series side of this Hot Launch release focuses on promoting maximum possible ball speed with premium lightweight shafts to provide the best pound for pound Competition Spec Game Improvement clubs in the industry. 


“These are high-tech performance clubs in a classic design, but with all the forgiveness and power attributes you need to start shooting lower scores,” said Glod. 


Hot Launch Custom Fitting – Get Fit. Spend Less. Play Better

Hot Launch 521 is designed to take advantage of the emerging growth segment of customization within the equipment market. Until the launch of Hot Launch by Tour Edge, the value segment of this market had been largely under-serviced.

With their award-winning Hot Launch line, Tour Edge has proven that the latent demand clearly exists for high-quality, value-priced, custom-fit golf clubs.  


With these two new series of Hot Launch, every player can get fit into exact right club for their swing and for their eye. This is a real game changer for custom fitting,” said Glod.


Hot Launch has changed the custom fitting landscape by offering the best custom fitted value available in the marketplace attached to their unprecedented 48-hour guaranteed delivery on custom fit orders.


“We see these two series as being the best value available in the custom fitting market and that’s exactly why we created our 48-hour custom fitting delivery guarantee,” said Glod. “We want to open up the flood gates to custom fitting to golfers who are looking for the latest in innovation and extreme high performance at logical prices.”


Tour Edge plans to have over 850 custom fitting centers across the country that will feature the mobile Hot Launch 521 custom fitting bag and participating in the 48-hour delivery on custom fit orders.


Custom fitting orders will arrive to any destination in the continental USA 48-hours after the order is received by Tour Edge on a business day by 2:30 Central Time. 


Pound for Pound, Nothing Comes Close – Tour Edge takes extreme pride in offering the best technology, performance, quality of materials and craftsmanship for the money in all of golf.

Hand Built in the USA – At Tour Edge is an American owned and operated for over 34 years and we hand build all our premium Hot Launch clubs in Batavia, Illinois.

Lifetime Warranty – All Tour Edge Hot Launch clubs are backed with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturer defects for the life of the product.