Since introduction last year the Stroke Lab putters from Callaway Golf’s Odyssey division have gained popularity both on the world’s professional tours and with amateur golfers. Now they are introducing two new members of the family the Black Bird of Prey and the Black Ten.

Both are mallet shapes, and both have an extremely high MOI or resistance to twisting in fact compared with some of the other popular mallet putters the MOI is about 25% higher making them extremely stable. The Black Bird of Prey shape is an all new variant and Odyssey says the Black Ten was inspired by their #7 and Indianapolis models though it does seem to look a lot like the TaylorMade Spider Tour.

The basic idea behind Stroke Lab is to adjust the weighting of putters by making the shaft of graphite with a steel tip section. This reduces shaft weight by 40 grams so to keep overall club weight the same 10 of the 40 grams were moved to the head and the other 30 grams to the grip with a 40-gram end weight (shaft plug) and a stock grip weighing 10-grams less.

Also new is a Microhinge Star face insert with a firmer feel but with the familiar hinges that contact the ball and bold alignment lines across the top of the heads.

Key Features for both
Stroke Lab designed shafts and weighting
Multi-material high MOI head
Microhinge Star face insert
“Hi Def” alignment lines
Available Nov. 1
Price: $299.99