Bay Harbor, MI

The Links Course

7th Hole / 500 Yards / Par-5Architect: Arthur Hills (1996)

Versatility is the mark of a superior hole. Elasticity allows for a wider array of playing strategies for the widest array of skill levels. The 7th on The Links Course combines stunning vistas with Lake Michigan dominating the scenery on the right hand side. Wind velocities can vary on a daily basis and it’s not uncommon for high crosswinds to blow off the Lake.

An aggressive tee line is down the right side but the longer the tee shot the greater the need to be accurate as the fairway tapers in from both sides. Those opting to avoid the right side had best not go too far left as a series of moguls await.

Even after finding the fairway, golfers have to decide how bold a play they risk to take. Two bunkers come into play with one’s second shot. The bunker in line with the green is one to avoid at all costs. There’s room to play short and to either side but doing so will then require a much longer 3rd shot into the green. If you pull your second shot too far left another pesky bunker awaits such hapless plays.

For those fortunate few who have hit a well-placed prodigious drive the option to go for the green is certainly something to consider. But, the shot must carry all the way into the elevated target. Those who attempt to reach the green in three shots must be equally mindful of the putting surface which slopes from left to right and back to front.

The character of the 7th rests on being able to deliver a wide array of options and with that comes the wherewithal to both score low and high depending upon the execution provided. When one finishes the hole be sure to look back and take in the terrain you’ve just played. Picturesque for sure and fun to play to the max.


Photos courtesy of Bay Harbor Golf Club.

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