Now available from SMT Golf, the 0743 Forged CNC Wedge Series. The SMT 0743 Forged CNC Wedge Series was engineered for the golfer that wants the ability to create and execute a variety of wedge shots. The 4-way cambered sole design allows the wedge to slide through the turf from full shots, soft flops, chips, and bunker play. The 1020 soft carbon steel provides the perfect feedback and soft feel at impact. The CNC grooves on the face provide the optimal amount of spin around the greens, bunkers and approach shots. The CNC milling on the rear portion of the wedge gives the 0743 a tour-crafted feel that will add confidence to any bag.


0743 Forged CNC Wedge Series

Key Features

  • Forged Construction
  • CNC Milled Grooves and Face for Increased Spin
  • 4-Way Cambered Sole
  • Available in Multiple Lofts
    • Forged with 1020 Carbon Steel for a Soft Feel, Increased Performance and Easy Lie/Loft
  • Adjustability
  • Grooves Conform to the USGA Rules of Golf


Your Game. Your Way… Premium Golf Equipment

SMT Golf is proud to offer premium golf club components to golfers around the world. They took no shortcuts in the development of these products so that the player gets the absolute best performance while still at a fair price point. The days of spending huge amounts of money to get a performance advantage are gone. Golf equipment is heavily regulated from a performance standpoint and very few players will see massive gains/losses when switching between similar products from a variety of companies.

SMT Golf’s goal is to get you golf club components that will compete or beat anything else on the market. The materials used and product designs are proven winners. Have them build the clubs to your specs or buy the components and build the clubs yourself. Either way you’ll be saving a considerable amount of money and hopefully you’ll be taking it from your playing competitors out on the course.

SMT golf wedge

SMT Golf is excited to relaunch and expand the SMT Golf product offerings. Our focus will be on getting high performing golf clubs and components…club heads, shafts, grips, club building materials, etc…out to passionate golfers and do it yourself golf club builders. They can quickly custom build the clubs for you before sending them out or they can simply send you everything that you need to build the clubs on your own.

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