Want to try a new hobby? You want something active, exciting, and outdoorsy—but nothing that has too steep of a learning curb. If these are your criteria, look into becoming a golfer.

Golf is a fun sport that’s accessible for everyone. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, so you’re never without a challenge. And don’t forget the numerous ways it can benefit your mental and physical well-being. Here are some of the top reasons to take up golf as a hobby this summer.

It’s Easier Than You’d Think

Are you worried that golf is too hard to learn? Don’t be. The simple rules of golf make it so that everyone can learn to play, regardless of their age or mobility level. Skim through the rulebook, familiarize yourself with the lingo, make sure to pick the right club, and practice your swing.

But even though the basics are easy to grasp, mastering golf takes time and dedication. Pros weren’t made in a day. If you ever get bored and are itching for a challenge, visit a harder course or play an unfamiliar game.

Stay Healthy

The next top reason to take up golf as a hobby is that it can help keep you healthy. Golf provides a great arm, leg, and core workout. And because it’s a low-impact sport, you won’t have to worry about over stressing or damaging your joints and muscles.

Assuming your golf course is outside, you’ll also soak up plenty of sun and vitamin D on the course. Vitamin D is also known as the happy vitamin because it can boost mood, combat symptoms of depression, and reduce stress. Certain studies have shown that golf can even increase lifespan and ward off dementia.

Make New Friends

Want to make new friends or foster existing relationships? Golf is a great hobby if you want to forge connections with like-minded individuals. Take your friends and family down to the course to play a round.

You can also chat with other local golfers on the course or in the club. If you’re new, ask a seasoned golfer for advice. They’ll be happy to help. You’ll get some great pointers and potentially meet someone you click with.