As Charlie Rymer of “Morning Drive” would put it: golf is akin to a huge house which must have a more welcoming front porch. Golfing becomes a delightful recreational experience when there is less stress and anxiety over competition, lack of experience or not having the right gear.

By having the right golf equipment you can have a fun, relaxing and stress-free game in the company of good friends. Here are ten of essential golfing tools every golfer should consider:

1. Bionic Golf Gloves

The main reason golfer should wear golf gloves is the grip. In hot weather, golf gloves can be tackier than our skin, so it can help prevent the club from turning the player’s hand in. Gloves can also generate more friction between the player’s hand and his grip. Gloves are especially useful for golfers who have loose grips.

Bionic golf gloves offer more comfort to the golfer; they are also more resilient and stronger than ordinary golf gloves. It is a golf glove designed with a patented pad technology which improves grip and comfort; it is designed to achieve maximum performance. Bionic golf gloves are also twice as sturdy as ordinary leather golf gloves. The glove’s Bionic pads bring more traction into the golfer’s palm to resist club twisting or slippage which helps achieve a more steady swing.

2. Apple Watch App from GolfLogix

The app is design for golfers who own an Apple Watch; it helps the golfer keep tabs of scores, green images, exact yardages, etc. GofLogix came up with an all-inclusive game improvement application equipped with stats tracking and GPS technology. This app is a more convenient and accessible alternative to traditional golf apps.  Furthermore, it is compatible with both Series 4 and 3 Apple watches.

The app complements the Apple Watch’s standalone GPS which can provide precise yardages to the back, middle, and front of pre-mapped data points like water, layups, and bunkers. The green’s bird’s eye view can also provide the necessary information; it allows the golfer to make a better decision of how to approach the shot, what club to utilize and where the ball’s target is located.  Lastly, the app also allows golfers to switch between holes through the watch’s built-in navigation system.

The golfer can use input and edit scores between holes any time. After inputting the data, the Apple Watch will correspond with the GolfLogix app on the golfer’s phone. The app keeps a record of the player past score and yardage.

3. Snell Golf MTB-X golf balls

Snell Golf just took MTB Red out of the scene and replaced it with the newer MTB-X ball model. The new model is now a 3-piece construction with the same cast urethane cover. The ball’s core was also made smaller than MTB Red, and it was made thicker with more mantle layer. The innovated technology used in this golf ball will greatly improve driver yards. It will also help maintain the necessary iron spin to maneuver distance and scoring shots accuracy.

4. TaylorMade Golf M6 and M5 Irons

These irons are equipped with either a Speed Bridge or a metal bar from the bottom, up to its cavity, and head. This gives more head stability energy. The impact creates better ball speed instead of being thrown in vibration and head distortion. Reports revealed that ball speed using this design can reach two miles per hour or two to five more yards.

The Irons are lighter at the heel and have a lower center of gravity.  The M5 has a 45° pitching wedge and the M6 has a 43.5 ° pitching wedge.

5. TaylorMade GAPR Golf Clubs

Aside from the M5 and the M6, TaylorMade has designed three new clubs that are called GAPR. These golf clubs have the same SpeedFoam at the head of the club. This style was first seen in P790 irons, and it can help improve the ball’s speed and reduce vibration. The center of gravity, found on the lower part of the head, improves playability; it enhances the ball launch. A SpeedPocket is also added to the sole to keep the ball’s speed if the impact is lower.

The GARR LO is for players with a higher swing speed.  The GAPR MID has a bigger head, which makes it easier to be used by new players. Finally, the GAPR HI is for wide range players.

6. TrueRue Athletic Women Wear

TrueRue recently launched a line of women’s headwear. Their headwear provides better eye coverage because of its wider brim. The headwear also offers four options on its back to adjust to different ponytail levels. Reviews suggest that the headwear is very comfortable with its spandex and poly fabric mix.

7. Merino Quarter-Zip Sweater

This sweater model from Flex Stretch Performance was created with the best quality Merino Wool from Italy. The sweater is an all-in-one panel construction meshed well with polyester to give it a softer texture that favors full mobility, recovery, and shape retention.

8. UA Threadborne Polo

This polo was designed exclusively by UA Threadborne for tour players. The fabric used in the shirt makes it amazingly comfortable. It can also keep the wearer cool and focused, despite the heat from the sun or the competition. The polo’s fabric uses micro thread technology, meaning that the shirt won’t stick on the skin, won’t absorb sweat, won’t stretch, and won’t chafe since it dries faster.

It has a  4-way stretch feature allows the wearer to move better in any direction. It also has anti-odor technology so the player doesn’t have to worry about musty body odor while playing the game.

9. Miura Golf Fully-Assembled First-rate Golf Clubs

Miura just made custom designing of handcrafted driving putters, wedges, and irons possible through their website’s highly-intuitive customization interface. It currently supports seven iron types which can all be customized for improved feel, flexibility, and dexterity.

10. Tifosi’s Enliven Lens

This gadget is not just fancy sunglasses, but it can enhance your overall vision, giving you the edge you need. The color capture technology embedded in every Enliven lens adjusts light wavelengths whenever necessary. It makes the colors red, blue, and gree pop out and be more defined. The lenses have enhanced contrast functionalities that alter in textures of greens and can maximize color segregation to improve speed control and depth perception. This added contrast can also make ball tracking while in flight easier.

Playing golf can be a good way to socialize, exercise, and improve one’s alertness. It can be competitive especially during tournaments, but when it’s played with friends, it should be nothing short of being fun and relaxing.

Then again, a supposedly entertaining and relaxing activity can easily turn into a stressful event if you don’t have the tools and gears that can help you during the game play.

Having these items with you the next time you visit the golf course will not only improve your accuracy and your overall game play, but it can also transform your next golfing experience into a truly leisurely and relaxing one.  

Goodbye to all game stress and anxiety!