“Golf is a good walk spoiled,” goes the quote often attributed to Mark Twain. Though over recent years the prevalence of cart usage in recreational golf has meant the game has drifted somewhat from its origins. However, in the post-covid era, that might be set to change. 

As states and golf venues start to think seriously about how and when they will get golfers back out on the course, there are several rules being proposed for reducing the spread of coronavirus, with minimizing exposure to shared surfaces and keeping a distance of 6ft apart at the heart of them all. 

“The safety of golfers and the wider population is the number one priority when thinking about the return to golf,” says Rick Oldach, CEO of push cart specialist BIG MAX U.S.A. “But golf is a self-policed game, and I believe with the application of sensible, self-policing rules such as leaving the flag stick in, no rakes in bunkers, modified cups and walking the course, golf can adapt its practice to be in the first wave of sporting activities that restart with a strict level of safe participation.”

It is in walking the course that BIG MAX has seen clear evidence of golfer’s willingness to adapt to new ways of playing. In states where golf courses have remained open and also in areas preparing to return, BIG MAX USA has seen unprecedented demand for its award winning Fold Flat push carts. In April, year on year unit sales of push carts increased exponentially with online sales alone jumping by 800% from March 2020. 

Rick continued, “It is clear there is a pent up demand for golf throughout North America as spring arrives with everyone exercising good judgement and abiding by the stay at home orders. Golfers feel that walking allows them to maintain safe distancing and maximum hygiene while getting out in the fresh air to play this game that we all love. Golf provides a safe outlet and walking delivers the physical component that helps alleviate whatever stress we are all feeling as we navigate through this crisis.”

“Studies have shown that on average, you walk 69% further than the scorecard yardage in a single round of golf and that you burn more or less the same calories using a push cart as you do carrying your bag, so new walkers will certainly feel the immediate health benefits. But more than that, golfers that typically ride in a cart will experience the joy and camaraderie and wonderful pace of play that walking alongside your playing partners brings to the game – keeping proper distancing of course! I think this new experience will take many by surprise and hope that it will continue long after we’re through this period.” 

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