To be a great golf player, you need to not only focus on your skills on the course, but also pay close attention to your physical health and your overall strength. If you are not a regular in the gym, you may not be aware of what muscles specifically should be focused on to improve your game. Check out some of the muscles that you should focus on, and how it will ultimately help to improve your game: 



You should work on your chest muscles to help your shoulders flex and your arms to extend throughout your golf swing. If you want a smoother rotation, the stronger your chest is, the easier it will be for your body to seamlessly rotate. 


When you are twisting your torso and body on the course, especially during your golf swing, it is mandatory that your oblique muscles are in good shape. These will help you to easily bend and twist when necessary. If they are not strengthened, you can experience a strained oblique muscle – which you absolutely want to avoid! 


Working on strengthening your calf muscles can help immensely to ensure that you have a solid base during your golf swing. The more power that you have within your calves, the more powerful that your swing will be. This will help to balance your entire body from the start of your swing through your finish. 


Like your calf muscles, your glutes play an important role in ensuring that you are balanced and stable throughout your stance and swing on the course. With strong glutes, your swing will greatly improve.