A day at the golf course is a fantastic way to relax. However, some people carry their stress with them onto the course. Here’s a helpful list of what you need for a relaxing day at the golf course.

Spare Towels

On a warm spring or summer day, you’re going to work up a sweat. You don’t want to wipe your forehead with the same towel you use to clean your clubs, so it helps to have a few extra towels for both you and your friends. You might want to consider buying darker colored towels to keep them looking nice throughout the day.

Chewing Gum

You might not expect it but having a pack of gum with you when you hit the golf course helps your overall game. Studies have shown that chewing gum relaxes the body, reduces heart rate, and lowers anxiety. These are all beneficial effects to improve your performance on the links and ensure you get the most relaxing experience out of your game.

Having a pack of gum with you is also a great way to make friends with the other golfers if you’re willing to share.

A Customized Golf Cart

The carts provided by the club are fine, but to take full advantage of the experience, it always feels better to use your own. A short drive in your golf cart is what you need for a relaxing day at the golf course.

You can customize your cart to fit your specific needs, and the drive between holes is a great way to unwind on a beautiful day. A drive in a golf cart is easy on the feet as well.

Have Fun

Golf is terrific for plenty of reasons. Golf is a social experience, a way to enjoy the outdoors, and an opportunity to talk about life and bring out our competitive spirit. However, golf is a game, and you should enjoy it.

So, if you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious out on the green, remind yourself to have fun and take a few deep breaths. Putting yourself in a more positive headspace will do wonders for you on the back nine.