Club Champion: Teeing Off Fresh Expansion and Exciting Golfers

If you’re a golfer, you sure as have heard about Club Champion, the industry powdered keg famous for tailor fitting golf clubs to golfers all around the world. With a reputation for being the world’s leader, Club Champion has been blazing trails in a sport marked by precision, patience, and passion. But you know what they say about leaders – they never stop moving forward. And that’s precisely what’s on Club Champion’s tee sheet this year – expansion.

The Expansion Spree of Club Champion

In the wake of a spectacularly successful 2023, when the company launched 20 new locations and introduced advanced technology to boot, Club Champion is picking up the pace with plans to open four new stores in February 2024 itself!

This move will plant Club Champion’s flag in realms yet unchartered, specifically in Albany, NY, Coral Springs, FL, Perrysburg, OH, and Chandler, AZ. But don’t be surprised if the next time you hit the course, you find a Club Champion studio around you because the company is speedily working its way across the nation. A whopping 43 states in the U.S can already boast of housing Club Champion studios, and by the end of the year, you can expect 140 such locations domestically. If that’s not a promise of convenience, then what is?

Global Clubs, Global Reach

Lest we forget, Club Champion isn’t just about retail expansion in the U.S. Its drive extends well beyond the borders, with international studios already operating in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So get ready to swing those custom-fit golf clubs in fresh air from any corner of the globe.

Club Champion: More Than Just Expansion

Growth isn’t just about adding new locations. It’s also about maintaining a top-quality service, and in the case of Club Champion, it’s about upholding a Tour-level fitting experience that guarantees longer, more accurate shots. That’s right – a Club Champion fitting is the whole package deal, and it’s no wonder their services have a satisfaction rate of nearly 100%.

And if you’re wondering about the nuts and bolts of their operation, each Club Champion studio houses at least two indoor hitting bays with TrackMan launch monitors for analyzing performance, a SAM PuttLab system to find the perfect putter, and a build shop for repairing and assembling golf clubs by hand. If you’re into options, you’ll be down right excited by their demo matrix comprising of an impressive 65,000 hittable combinations!

The Secret Behind Club Champion’s Success

Behind all the glitz and glam of expansion rests the solid foundation of technology and precision. Harnessing components from over 65 brands, including names like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Club Champion uses a unique coupling system to pair any head and shaft. This means golfers get the precise fit they’re looking for as they hit the green. That’s not all – each club fitted and built by Club Champion receives personalized attention, with a single builder seen the process from start to finish. This ensures no inconsistencies and truly custom-built clubs for each golfer.

Club Champion: A Golfer’s Best Friend Indeed!

As if all this wasn’t enough, founder Nick Sherburne assures that 2024 will have a lot more in store for golfers around the world. With Club Champion’s steadfast dedication to improvement and a passion for making golf better and more exciting, it’s definitely a great time to be a golfer!

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