Everyone who plays the game of golf has the goal to get as few putts as possible within a round. But how exactly do you do that? Getting fewer putts is not easy and is something that you must practice repeatedly to improve and ultimately perfect your skills. The benefit of learning how to get fewer putts are simpleā€¦ it will drastically improve your score and your overall game! What many golfers do to begin working on their putting is developing their own, personal pre-shot routine. By developing one of these routines, you can get into the same, consistent habit of lining up the ball, stretching and preparing your muscles, and ultimately, putting!

  • Know your surroundings. As many golfers have come to learn, every course is different in its own way, with some holes uphill and some downhill. Know exactly where you are standing and observe the green, so you can properly focus on what your speed will look like. For example, if your shot is going uphill, you will know that a bit more pressure will be needed to get the ball moving.
  • Get your alignment in order. You can focus on your alignment by checking out your club face and how you plan to control it through your grip. Obviously, the better your grip, the better your putt will be! When gripping, make a point to ensure that you are not gripping too softly or too hard, and that in both hands, your grip is running directly through the joints in your wrists.
  • Control the distance. Get a good look at how far you need the ball to go, and, once you are aware of the distance, focus on your strength as well as the angle that you are putting at.