Chillier weather can make it hard to stay motivated to stay active, especially for a day out on the course. However, just because we are moving out of the heat of the summer does not mean that your golfing should end. There are a lot of ways that you can work to avoid being uncomfortably cold on the course, as well as a lot of ways that you can avoid having the cold hinder your game. Here are some tips to playing golf in lower temperatures:

  • Layer up. First and foremost, you must be dressed appropriately. Be sure to layer up, including wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, or pullover as well as a jacket. Ensure that you are prepared with proper accessories, as well, such as a hat, sunglasses, and gloves.
  • Keep your gloves on your hands. It is very important that at all times on the course, or as much as possible, you keep your gloves on your hands. Once your hands become chilled and numb, it will make it difficult to accomplish anything throughout your game.
  • Choose to walk instead of ride. In chilly weather, the last thing you want to do is walk around, however, it will get your blood pumping and heart rate up which will help you to warm up throughout the game. Plus, who does not want to get all their steps in throughout the day?!
  • Keep your golf ball in your pocket. In between holes, be sure to keep your golf ball in your pocket, as freezing cold balls do not perform as well or travel as far as a ball that is of normal temperature.
  • Be prepared for your game to be altered. It is important to realize that when playing in chillier weather, it is possible that your game can be altered due to coldness or other weather conditions. Do not go into the game expecting it to go perfect and have realistic expectations.