Golf is a wonderful outdoor sport that is better with company. A dog is a great companion to have on the golf course. Here’s what to know when bringing your dog to the golf course.

Make Sure the Course Allows Dogs

Pick up the phone and call the golf course to find out if they allow dogs. You may not have luck searching around on their website, so it never hurts to call.

Leash Up Your Dog

When you bring your dog golfing, the most essential equipment you’ll bring along that day is no longer your favorite putter; it’s your dog’s leash. The leash will save you a lot of headaches. Tie up the opposite end to your bag. Where your golf bag goes, your dog goes.

You never know when your dog may want to chase after a squirrel or jump into the water. There are many distractions for your pup. You don’t need them interrupting other golfers.

Bring Enough Water

Your dog and yourself will be spending quite a bit of time outdoors in the sunshine. Plus, your dog will probably enjoy walking around and getting great exercise. You need to make sure your pup is staying hydrated!

Bring along a bowl or two to allow them to drink without difficulty.

Don’t Forget the Treats

Something else to know when bringing your dog to the golf course is bringing along your dog’s favorite treats. There are places at the course where your dog can and can’t go—hazards, bunkers, greens—and those spots look tempting for your dog to enjoy. Bringing along an endless supply of treats will keep them happy and entice them when they begin to head in a direction they aren’t supposed to go.

Get Them on the Course Young

Taking your pup out on the course young will get them used to the sights and sounds of golf early. Then, as they grow, they handle the sport with ease and look forward to the bonding time of enjoying a day on the course together.

If you’re looking to enjoy a day golfing without your dog but don’t want to leave them home alone, enroll them in a day of doggy daycare. They’ll socialize and exercise all day long and be tired when you pick them up when you’re done.