It is officially a new season, and you may be looking for a way to improve your golf game. One of the best ways to look at your game and how you can be better is to look at your overall habits and see how you can change or improve upon them. There are several habits that every golfer should develop to ensure that they are playing their best game. Check out some of the most important habits that you should try to incorporate into your time on the course:

  • Stay in the present. No one is perfect, and no one can play a perfect game! It is important that to continue playing your best game, you learn to develop the habit of staying in the present. If you make a mistake on the course, do your best to move on from it so you can focus on the present hole with little to no distractions. Try not to spend time worrying about the future holes, either!
  • Make every second count. Get into the habit of making every second count on the course, and even off it! If you truly want to improve your game, make sure you work on all areas of your game, and think about the way that you practice. Try to change up your routine and practice your game more often and know what you need to improve on!
  • Keep calm. It can be easy to get frustrated with how a shot goes on the course or become stressed and anxious with the pressure that the game can put on you. Learn how to calm yourself down, and stay calm, on the course, which will help you immensely with your game.
  • Accept the game. After a game ends, regardless of if it went your way or not, accept how the game went and think about how you can work to be better. Stay confident in yourself and in your game and know what your abilities are!