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As we age, we all develop a ‘functional scoliosis’, in other words, we tend to favor one side of our body until we eventually create an imbalance in our posture. Most daily activities are done engaging the right side of our bodies, and this is most evident in the pelvic area. The pelvis is the foundation of the spine, where balance, stability, posture and movement are controlled. For Dr. Safko, a US Marine who served in Vietnam, the goal was clear. Most back supports restrict mobility and weaken the core muscles, thus leading to a destabilization of the low back. After much scientific research and reviewing virtually every product on the market, Dr. Safko began to design different prototypes. After four years of research, design and field-testing, Dr. Safko finally arrived at what he calls the ‘X Factor™’.

“By utilizing small steel ‘X’ stays in the sacral area, I was able to stabilize the lower lumbar spine segments without weakening the core muscles,” Safko explains. “In addition to these core stabilizers, I strategically placed soft stretchable compression Xs to protect against excessive pelvic twisting, tilting or over-extension associated with golf and other sports that result in pelvic torque. The specific orthopedic arrangement of these X’s resulted in what can be called “Enhanced Momentum Control.”


According to The Mayo Clinic, low back pain is experienced by 80% of the population at some point in their lifetime and is the most common injury in golf.

The product’s immediate success is due to its unprecedented integration of two essential components: support and flexibility.  Today, Dr. Safko’s X-Factor® Belt stands as the flagship product of a bold new approach to premium aids based on analytical research, patient trials, and practical application. “I invented this out of necessity,” Dr. Safko says, “because no other belt on the market comfortably adjusts the body’s natural imbalance. The X-Factor Belt® is corrective, protective and proven effective.” For Information www.xfactorbelt.com