Modern Well Designed Golf Sets at a Fair Price

Golf is a sport that continues to grow, expand, and attract new players year after year throughout the world. As one golfer once said, “Golf is like a cold that you never get over, you can only treat the symptoms along the way”. Once you play and hit your first great shot, you’re hooked for life. Many golfers do not get to play as much as others, family, life, work and available time are hard to come by today. For all of us our first golf clubs were either handed down or something we picked up at used club resale shops. As we all learned the game of golf one thing became readily apparent to us all. Golf was not cheap and putting set of clubs together can be a pricy ordeal. National golf statistics now put the mark for a quality golf bag, new fitted clubs and a top-rated putter at about $3000.00, add to that accessories, golf balls, golf shoes and green fees and you are looking at new car payment range for golf annually.

After 20 years of playing weekend golf, Gabe Coyne one of Stix Golf founders decided he was ready for a more serious set of clubs. The problem? The next step up only offered two dead-end options: a “beginner” set, or a pricey à-la-carte set for well over $3K. He was stuck. There just had to be a brand offering modern, high-tech clubs for other golfers at his stage –but there wasn’t. So, like all good entrepreneurs do? He rolled up his sleeves…and began to build Stix.

Modern Well Designed Golf Sets at a Fair Price

No more worrying about buying less or more club than you need. Stix’s line of complete golf club sets has options for every level and price point. Step up to Stix and feel the difference…without breaking the bank. Stix’s up-to-the-minute, minimalistic design approach is engineered to give you maximum quality, look and performance, for far less. Since 2020 Stix has been producing state of the art technology driven golf clubs and golf sets for nearly two years and their customers seem to love the formular. A driver, hybrid fairway metals, irons, wedges and a bag and even options for a great deal on quality golf balls by Vice Golf.

The concept is not new as golf manufactures have packaged golf sets for beginners for years. The problem has been what about intermediate players who are not ready for the big financial leap to top of the line clubs, it’s a space that never has been filled in the industry, Until Now! https://stix.golf