Some people get to enjoy golf year-round. But many of us spend the last few months of the season in increasingly difficult weather. Then, we must pack it in until the weather becomes more accommodating. But for many people, it’s not enough to play golf for only a few months at a time. If you want to know what golfers should do during the winter, read this article to learn how to handle the cold and thrive indoors.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Golfers want to see their scores steadily improve throughout their whole lives without any interruption. While that may be possible for people who live in warm weather year-round, it’s not the case for many others. The harsh winds, wet greens, and transformed terrain you see during the winter months will take a toll on your golf game. You should expect a few more strokes each round than you get in ideal conditions. Set reasonable expectations, and don’t blame yourself if you don’t play as well as you did in the summer.

Be Prepared

Perhaps the most important rule for what golfers should do during the winter is to make sure you enter the golf course with a bag full of cold-weather essentials. You don’t want to end up caught in the rain without an umbrella or other gear. If it starts getting windy, you’ll want more than a polo to keep you warm.

But make sure you don’t wear anything loose like a hoodie. For golf, you need a lot of upper body movement. Instead of a heavy covering, layer up several items of tight warm clothing.

Use a Yellow Ball

Though professional golfers sometimes turn their noses up at yellow golf balls, they actually work just as well as regular ones. Compared to white balls, they’re easier to spot flying through an overcast sky. Additionally, they’re easier to find in a dewy rough. As a result, they help you play golf in the winter.

Practice Inside

At a certain point, when the ground becomes frozen with ice, it’s just not feasible to play a round of golf outside. But there are indoor alternatives. Golf simulators are great tools for discovering ways to improve your golf swing. There are also tons of golf devices to help you practice your putting.