New equipment alert! Zero Friction has recently announced that they will be adding a brand new option to their line of performance tees, the Power 3 three-prong line! The Zero Friction Power 3 is a new 3-inch option that has a deeper 3-prong shape to help reduce friction more than the original performance tee that they currently have on the market. With this new 3-inch tee, you can guarantee more yardage. The tee will come in a variety of colors to choose from and will also be available for purchase in a 4-inch model as well.


So, what makes this new tee so special? The Power 3 prong design is totally elevated, which was done in order to maximize ball-to-clubface contact, ultimately allowing for a golfer to increase the optimal hitting area. Zero Friction decided to add this tee to their line due to every golfer having a completely unique and different swing. With this new model, Zero Friction is aiming to ensure they have a viable option for every golfer who is interested in their products.


You truly cannot go wrong with any of Zero Friction’s pieces of equipment. Zero Friction has been known for being a leader in the performance golf tee market for many years. They created the first and only performance tee that has ever carried the PGA Tour logo! Their logo capabilities do not stop at their tees – they also are able to customize for golf balls, gloves, and more! Further, they most recently have been recognized for their success in golf gloves, which feature a compression-fit technology that offers a universal fit within the various models.


Treat yourself, and the favorite golfer in your life, to some of Zero Friction’s outstanding golf equipment! It is the perfect way to kick off a strong 2021 season.