Los Cabos is “Land’s End” at the tip of Baja California, along the Sea of Cortez, which Jacque Cousteau proclaimed as the Aquarium of the World. If you have never heard of the French Monsieur Cousteau, he is the most famous scuba diver of all times.

Jacque Coustou

He starred in one of the earliest reality shows many decades ago, diving deep beneath the ocean’s surface to reveal the mysteries and wonder of aquatic life. Diving in the water is an otherworldly experience because, it is indeed another world below the waves. Los Cabos offers resort dives with training and/or PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) certification in many places. Just ask any concierge.

Dive Boat in the water in Cabo

Another, easier and economical way to commune with the fishes of the sea is to snorkel and the gear is found everywhere in Los Cabos. We had already experienced diving before snorkeling in Cabo and couldn’t believe how easy it was, walking from the beach into the water and floating on top of Jacque’s aquarium with a colorful array of sea life to behold. Swaying with the water and the tropical angel fish is a dance we’ll never forget.

snorkling in the water at Cabo

If swimming isn’t your thing, you may watch the water from the shore for whales during migration season or any time of year for dolphins commuting up and down the coast. It’s a favorite pastime in between rounds of golf at 18 courses in Los Cabos.

swimming in the water with the turtles

Twin Dolphin Golf Club on Santa Maria Bay was designed by Fred Couples for everyday players. It opened in 2018, with exclusive availability for owner members of Maravilla and their guests as well as guests staying at Montage Resort Hotels. In accordance with “Baja time”, no tee times are required.

Whenever you tee off, be assured of a view of the Sea of Cortez from every hole on the course.

Twin Dolphins Golf Club in Cabo

Carved into the Baja desert, expect to maneuver the arroyos around cacti like on number 11, a downhill par 3 with the green setting above a sandy ravine. Fire directly at the pin over rocks and bunkers or play safe to the right where the ball will feed from a hillside to the green.

Twin Dolphin is intended to be fun. Golf Carts include GPS and built-in speakers for enjoyment and caddies avail with course knowledge. Pause and relax at holes 5 and 12 at the Red Doors, like mini clubhouses for food and beverages. For a family affair “nino tees” total 2300 yards while the tips extend to 7156 yards. It is the official host course of Cabo Collegiate’s tournament in March of ’24.

Maravilla is a premier, intimate community with only 230 members strategically located between two swimmable beaches equipped with all the gear to explore Jacques’ world.


Montage Hotels offers the same walk-in access for some of the finest swimming, snorkeling, and diving sea experience in Los Cabos. A Compass Center assists planning all the other adventures in Los Cabos. Suites, Casas, and Residences offer the luxury ocean front settings that just might trick you into buying real estate. Five distinct restaurants and room service deliver modern Mexican, seafood and global cuisine.

Torote Tree Villas Cabo with gorgeous pool water

Looking for a spa and wellness retreat?

Spa Montage at Montage Hotels encourages you to visit, explaining, “Inspired by the traditional Mexican folklore surrounding the Tree of Life, as well as the historic Torote tree that graces the entrance to the resort, this nurturing refuge offers a unique experience steeped in the beauty and healing powers of its incredible surroundings. It is here that a wonderful array of sensuous spa treatments, many inspired by the rhythms of the ocean, desert, and local traditions, will soothe, and renew.” Learn more about the spa HERE.

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