Meet Terry Koehler – The Wedge Guy

With over 30 years of experience in the golf industry, Terry Koehler, Founder and Chairman of Edison Golf, is passionate about creating wedges that perform in the most forgiving way. After designing putters and irons for various leading brands, he recognized a significant gap between the performance of professional and amateur golfers. He just couldn’t retire knowing the gap existed. So, he came back to the fray, determined to produce what he believes are the best wedges in the market—Edison wedges.

Discover Your Love for Edison Wedges

However, Terry understands it might take time before you fall in love with your Edison wedges. Just like any relationship, there’s an adjustment period. To make the transition smoother, Terry stays connected, providing periodic emails packed with practice tips and assurance that if the clubs don’t fit your style, they can be modified or returned for a refund. So, where’s the risk? The ultimate reward might be a significant reduction in your golf score.

Customization – A Value-added Service

Before deciding which wedges to send your way, Terry asks the critical questions that make all the difference, like “Tell me about your game, your handicap, what’s in your bag?”. An easy assessment based on these leads to the ideal custom wedge(s) to help golfers improve their game and be fearless in the face of daunting wedge shots—something most of us don’t realize we fear.

Edison 2.0 Wedges – Elevating Your Game to the Next Level

The state-of-the-art Edison 2.0 wedges come with an adjusted leading edge and bounce of the sole complimented with exclusive weighting technology. This design instills more mass behind your best shots and those off-the-mark shots too. The club head gets under the ball without digging into the turf, resulting in a cleaner shot. Suddenly, like a proverbial lightbulb, it all makes sense.

More than Just a Quick Fix

Such an improvement can be a game-changer! However, Terry insists it’s not magic. It won’t suddenly transform a “shankapotomus” into a golf pro overnight. It does require practice, and with these new-found clubs, practice suddenly becomes fun. With time and commitment, a newfound confidence, and even courage around the greens, emerge.

Start Your Game Transformation Today

Ready to begin your game-changing journey? Start by trying out the Wedgefit quiz on the Edison Golf website. This comprehensive assessment, derived from over 70,000 wedge fit profiles and hundreds of professional interviews, forms the perfect starting point for your golf transformation.

Your New Love Awaits

Are you ready to find your new love in golf? Visit www.edisonwedges.com to explore Edison Golf’s world-class wedges and start a new chapter in your golfing journey.

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