While playing at Nemacolin in Pennsylvania, a cloud drizzled on our game, steadily, and as usual, we didn’t want to stop. We had some rain gear on but after a while the heavier downpour and wet hair gave our group another idea and we went inside for a satisfying lunch at Aqueous. Then the weather cleared, and we were surprised with Galway Bay All Weather short sleeve jackets and a pair of long, water-resistant sleeves for warmth. So, play resumed but it wasn’t long before the apparel was put to the test and passed.

The all-weather aspect of Galway Bay fashions is so nice for looking great out of the gate while prepared in case of rain. No more on/off gyrations of changing in the cart. Multiple jackets and pants are all lightweight to facilitate a smooth swing and require minimal space when packing. This is especially important to stay within baggage weight limits when traveling.

The proprietary Hydro-Flex 32 fabric blocks wind and rain and is very breathable to release excess body heat and sweat. It is also soft and quiet, conducive to the game. And all the seams are waterproof sealed. Galway Bay COO Michael Brown elaborates, “It’s the subtle touches, like a quieter, stretchier fabric and design elements that help you play undistracted and unrestricted, that our customers appreciate. Our jacket collar, for example, is high in the back to keep your neck dry while tapering down in the front so it doesn’t poke your chin. Add in rubberized waterproof zippers and rain pants that fit to your personal waist and inseam and you start to see our commitment to bringing golfers the most functional and enjoyable-to-wear rain gear on the market.”

While the designs are made for male golfers, the small men’s size of the All-Weather Short Sleeve Jacket fits well on a gal that would usually wear a ladies’ size medium jacket. Nice, until they expand to women’s wear. Perhaps the pants would fit gals too since they are ordered by waist and inseam combinations. What is so enviable about the Galway Bay pants is that they do not slip over another pair of pants but are suitable solo when the weather is wet or suspected to get wet or the temperature is between 45 and 75 degrees. While the price doesn’t require deep pockets, the pant pockets both front and back are one inch deeper than most pockets to ensure dry storage with the back pockets sized to hold a scorecard.

There is no excuse for wimping out at the sight of rain drops. You would absolutely play in the rain if you invested time and money in a trip to Ireland or Scotland. Why should it be any different just because you have access later in better weather? It’s been said that the most memorable games are played in the rain and now you can play the Galway Bay way – Don’t Quit!

Galway Bay has an ‘Insider Program’ to stay informed, available to sign up on the website. When you play, post your selfie on #galwaybayday to show that you’ve got game. For all the styles of jackets, pants, top and bottom base layers for increased warmth, sleeves, gloves and backpack, visit www.GalwayBayGolf.com.