With a new golf season commencing, it is time for a new wardrobe for yourself! PUMA Golf has recently announced the launch of their brand-new Excellent Golf Wear Collection, which is designed for golfers who are looking to express their personal style both on and off the course. One of the best parts about dressing for the game of golf is that everyone is able to totally and fully express themselves. This collection was inspired by new golfers who like to bring their own sense of fashion, culture, as well as individuality to the course.


Further, PUMA’s new collection is totally versatile and blends golf and streetwear through lifestyle silhouettes that are created to perform on the course but also be totally comfortable and stylish for everyday life as well. It is totally designed to meet the needs of today’s modern golfers.


In this collection you can find a variety of different pieces ranging from crewnecks, henleys and pocket tees to joggers and shorts! Not to mention, you will even find sneaker-inspired golf shoes which can be very easily transitioned for a day out to lunch or for running some errands. There is something for everyone in this collection, which is priced from $35.00-$85.00. You can guarantee with these pieces that you are paying for quality items that will help you stay protected and perform as best as possible.


PUMA Golf’s Excellent Golf Wear Collection is available for purchase in select retail stores as well as online.