In 2014, SwingJuice founder Jon Mason shifted the company’s focus from beverages to golf-inspired clothes. The company was founded on the belief that it was time to break the pattern, to dispel the perception that golfers are stuffy and conservative. SwingJuice gear allows you to express your love of golf in a more enjoyable, creative, and approachable manner. SwingJuice isn’t just clothes..its a group of people that share a love of golf and a desire to keep our golf-loving spirits fueled.

Pimento & Cheese – $28

Do You Take Drugs Danny? – $28

Tremendous Slouch – $28

Monday Qualifier – $28



Welcome to Stroke Play Golf Apparel, a brand that began on the golf course in a couple’s league at a local Niagara Region course, now warn all over the world.  Golf is a sport that anyone can enjoy, whether they are a pro or a novice. Their goal is to keep the game light-hearted, enjoyable, and to hopefully play as well as you’ll look do in their shirts. The team behind Stroke Play Apparel hopes to meet some incredible people and establish a reputation that will last for many years.

Cigars & Pars – $30
Birdies & Beers – $30

MVP – $32



Afire Golf’s mission is to provide innovative golf headgear and graphic tees to young people who adore the game, its history, and all the fun that comes with it. When the creators daughter first started playing the game, hats like this were difficult to come across – caps that fit properly while still capturing the game’s young enthusiasm. But, because they didn’t want to leave out the big kids (adults like us), they’ve included amazing designs for grownups as well.

Sight Lines & Sight Words – $25

Rhythmn & Flow – Another Day in Paradise – $28

Learning Curve Tour – Read. Write. Draw. Fade. – $25




Agony golf is a Canadian based brand that offers hats, tee shirts, hoodies and creative and affordable golf gear. Their Tiger Woods, John Daly and Brooks/Bryson rivalry designs top the list. All shirts are made from super soft fabric. Grab yourself a foursome today!

Greatest Lefty of All Time – $29
Fairway Jesus – $29

The Search for A.K. – $29Daly 3:16 – $29



2UNDR had a straightforward vision. Set out to build a high-performance men’s sports underwear with the versatility of everyday use, inspired by the kangaroo pouch. Today, the innovative Joey Pouch® separates man’s most prized assets from the body using the most advanced construction techniques and materials to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact. 2UNDR products provide the best fit, comfort, and style a guy could ever desire, with more support than conventional briefs and enhanced airflow to keep you cool. Once you go 2UNDR, you’ll never go back!



You can feel it right away with 2UNDR, absolute exquisite softness. In their distinctive modal fabric, the Swing Shift caresses the skin with the finest beechwood fiber. Furthermore, the material resists shrinkage and is less prone to fade or pill due to friction. The fabric’s smoothness also rejects hard water deposits, allowing it to remain soft even after multiple wash cycles. Perfection, in your pants!


Introducing the all-new ultra lightweight Flow Shift, which has a moisture-wicking polyester/modal combination. The semi-compression feel, and all-over perforation provide the optimum support and quick-dry performance for every activity, from top-level competition to everyday activities. Performance, in your pants!



OG SPORT – $165

The OG Sport offers a barefoot feel with zero drop, an extremely wide toe box, a thin (soft) sole, and maximum flexibility. The OG Sport was designed for the player who seeks purpose as well as wellbeing in their quest of par; For individuals who work out in their backyards, on the range, or at the gym.


The LUX Sport is built on top of their WANDERLUX Superfoam midsole for optimum rebound and comfort, as well as a transitional (6mm) drop for a more athletic feel. Similr to the OG’s, the LUX Sport was designed for individuals who enjoy making morning dew stripes and shutting down the course after the cart barn has been locked up.