Quivira Golf Club

Cabo San Lucas

Baja California Sur, Mexico

13th Hole / Par-3 / 148 Yards

Architect: Jack Nicklaus (2014)


by Matt Ward

When reaching the teeing area for the 13th hole at Quivira you have already ventured through some of the most eye-catching terrain for golf that exists in the greater Cabo San Lucas area.

The most immediate impact when viewing the hole is the utter isolation encountered. The only sound you hear is the rapid beating of one’s heart. The green sits high above the pounding shoreline and while the 13th is listed at just 148 yards there are few days when the wind does not play a major role.

It is on blustery days when the shotmaking challenge intensifies mightily. Commitment to the chosen club is a must — marrying proper length and trajectory is mandatory because the slightest doubt invariably means certain doom.

The only safe haven is the verdant green grass which is engulfed ferociously by native granite rocks. Failure to execute portends eternal damnation for one’s golf ball The left side near the green can provide a helpful bounce but shots drifting ever slightly too far right will have a permanent rendezvous with the azure blue Pacific Ocean located 100 feet below.

The putting surface provides sufficient room but when viewed from the teeing area can create the same anxiety fighter pilots face when attempting a landing on an aircraft carrier. Those finding the green cannot drop their guard — an array of vexing internal movements mandates a discerning eye to properly navigate them.

Those playing late in the day can gaze at an intoxicating sunset over the ocean. The panorama is incredibly striking. However, those losing focus will soon find the 13th a most unlucky number.

Photo by John Whittle

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​First three photos and rendering: Courtesy Quivira Golf Club