Most golfers slice the ball produced by the clubhead coming to impact at too sharp an angle and with an out to in swing path. This swing when used with an iron produces a weak “floater” that spins off to the right accompanied many times by hitting the ground before the ball.

Wilson Golf’s new line of Launch Pad super game improvement irons are designed to help slicers get more distance, straighter distance with added confidence. The hollow head construction allows a very thin face with weighting low and back in head both of which help get the ball in the air for more distance and a minimum of side spin.

Long irons have a wider sole to help prevent chunking and soles get progressively narrower as loft increases. Pitching wedge loft is 44° and 5-iron loft is 24°.

Key Features Launch Pad Irons
Launch Pad sole designed for less turf contact
Hollow heads with thin clubfaces
Progressive sole widths from short to long irons
Lightweight construction
4-iron through pitching wedge $700 steel $800 graphite
Stock steel shaft/grip: KBS Tour 80 shaft/Wilson Staff 2 Crossline Mid grip
Stock graphite shaft: UST Mamiya Recoil 460
In shops Jan. 17