How Technology is Changing the Way We Train

BY Adam Kolloff

As an instructor, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and how it can help players improve. In 2010, I moved to Miami and learned directly under Jim McLean for 3 years. Jim was one of the first to get TrackMan, which was the latest technology at the time. TrackMan gave golfers an inside look into their golf swing by measuring exactly what happened at impact. Jim and I studied the differences between amateurs and professionals and eventually wrote a book together on how to help players improve with this technology.


I believe we are at the beginning of a major boom in indoor golf due to the advancement in technology, like TrackMan, and the continued growth in the game. Of course, nothing will ever replace the experience of playing outside, but there’s so much you can now do indoors. Do you want to get fit for a new driver? Do you want to play a quick 9? Need a lesson? All these things can be done indoors, and done well, with the right technology.


From a performance standpoint, practicing indoors has many advantages. You are in a controlled environment with feedback that can be tailored depending on what you’re working on. Outside on the range, your feedback is the ball flight and what you thought you did in your swing. If you’re not careful, this can open the door to working on the wrong things if you misdiagnose your swing.


For many years I knew the importance of feedback during the improvement process, which is why I opened Pure Drive Golf in 2018. My vision was to blend the highest quality instruction with the best available technology and build an environment where serious golfers could train all aspects of their game. My staff and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity we have helping golfers in the Boston area improve their game. It will be exciting in the years to come as we continue to grow the Pure Drive community alongside the growth of the game.



About: Adam Kolloff

Adam is the owner and Director of Instruction at Pure Drive Golf with over 12 year’s experience as a golf instructor. Adam started his teaching career being mentored by Hall of Fame golf instructor, Jim McLean, and has worked with Jim for over 7 years. Prior to starting Pure Drive Golf, Adam was Director of Instruction at Liberty National Golf Course, site of the 2017 Presidents Cup. Adam is ranked as a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, a Best Teacher in the State of New Jersey, and recently awarded Massachusetts PGA Teacher of the Year in 2019 and New England PGA Teacher of the Year in 2021.



About: Pat Bigelow

Pat is a Lead Certified Instructor at Pure Drive Golf. Previously, Pat was an assistant Golf Professional at Dedham Country and Polo Club and Winchester Country Club. Pat was mentored by Butch Harmon and Adam Kolloff. Pat has a passion for helping golfers improve all aspects of their game, including putting which Pat has dedicated as a


About: Brian Dunleavy

Brian started playing golf in high school and immediately became fascinated with the mechanics of the golf swing. He played in the GNAC conference in college before leaving school to pursue a career in golf. Throughout his career Brian’s worked with some of the worlds top instructors, was certified under Adam Kolloff, and has enjoyed teaching others using the information he has accumulated. Brian had done extensive research into increasing player’s distances, personally reaching club head speeds of over 143mph with his driver and will be competing in World Long Drive events across the U.S. in 2022.


About Athan Goulos

Athan Goulos, born and raised in Peabody, MA has been with Pure Drive as a certified instructor for a year now. Athan walked on to play golf at one of the best Division II golf programs in the country; Saint Leo University. In 2016, he transferred to Endicott College where he was named 2017 Commonwealth Coast Conference Player of the Year and was named apart of the 2017 PING All-Region (Northeast). After enduring a wrist injury, Athan decided to take the next step in his golfing career and help others in the game that he loves; no matter what skill level.



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