We first met Sqairz founder Robert Winscowicz, on the range at the PGA Show during Demo Day in January 2020. He explained his quest for a balanced, stabilizing golf shoe based on biomechanics relating to heel centering and movement down through the swing. He knew that connection with the ground was key and designed pressure points within the shoe accordingly. He had a prototype there for ladies due this year and the men’s version ready to launch then. Now, on schedule, they are available for both genders in several styles and we both agree they work!

She says:

These shoes were made for hitting. They are not sneakers and not “runway” shoes. They still are great looking shoes, definitely built for a stabilizing effect. I’m usually golfing in the sun with my golf sandals because my toes don’t like to be confined. Everyone asks, are they stable enough? Yes, I would say but now I know, not sturdy enough. Sqairz are so sturdy that at first there was an uncomfortable stiffness that pressed on my inner ankle but then I realized the shoe tongue was crooked and once it was straightened, it padded the ankle. Sole and arch support are fantastic and with the squared toe shape, the toes feel less confined than in other shoes.  There is more freedom of movement, hence the shoe style name “Freedom.”

The spikes are more protruding than I am accustomed to and on the first hole of a tournament, I went after a couple errant balls for my partners and found mud that caked into the spikes and up over the walls. It took some digging with a tee to get it all out and thanks to the covid package of wipes in my bag, the top of the shoe cleaned up quickly.

After that first round, I’m a believer in the increased power that their stability provides. While I love pretty “runway” shoes, I will save those now for after golf. While setup has always been my forte since stressed by LPGA gals instructing the Women’s Fair Play League I sponsored in my corporate days, I still have a tendency to miss my angle of approach during the set up. Squaring up with Sqairz takes care of that. The genius “Sta Put ties” really do stay secure and the shoes are guaranteed 100% waterproof, so I am thrilled to have them for those damp occasions. We’re competing this summer in several AM tours including the World Am in Myrtle Beach and I am looking forward to the increased swing speed and distance, hoping to decrease my handicap.

He says:

Its hip to be Sqairz! Ground Effect! Once the potential of using aerodynamic downforce to win races was realized, designers began experimenting with methods of wings and molding to harness the tremendous power of the engine. Golf is no different. Faster swing speeds and lighter equipment produce greater distance than ever before. Unfortunately, humans do not come equipped with wings, but Sqairz Golf company designed a shoe that produces excellent ground effect. Firepower is great, but something needs to hold your feet to the fire. Sqairz shoes provide stability through impact to harness the power of the legs to create a whip effect with the arms.  Who knew you could pick up distance with shoes? The shoes are super comfortable and stylish. They also make one of the best socks on the market. In fact, don’t get a pair of shoes without Sqairz socks. It is a match made in golf heaven. www.sqairz.com