Have you ever pulled your golf glove out of your bag and felt embarrassed by how dirty it looks? Golf may be an honorable game, but it is still a dirty game. The Caddy Daddy guys have just launched a new PowerLock glove that will save the embarrassment. PowerLock palms are gray, the new black and gray palm prevents the dirtying that occurs with most gloves. Plus, the gloves are machine washable on cold cycle and hung to dry. Clean is fashionable.


The PowerLock composition is 100% synthetic, not leather. A cartoon on the website of a fox and a cow inside a red heart cutely touts that no animals are harmed in the production. Unlike other synthetic gloves which are bulky in the palm, PowerLock uses ultra-flex material on the palm that is uncrackable and will not tear. These gloves are reported to last 3-5 times longer and look new out of the bag every time. The Caddy Daddy website compares photos of gloves worn time after time, side by side to demonstrate the difference in appearance. Again, clean is fashionable.


Co-owners Greg Derbas and Rod Dunlap have been designing and manufacturing golf accessories and travel bags for over 17 years. They are golfers who love developing products the big companies ignore and are hopeful of ship dates this month for PowerLock inventory. Production comes with many challenges, but they are committed. To jump the funding hurdle, they launched a kick starter campaign. Their goal is short so If you want to help them out in exchange for gloves, check out Kickstarter launch.


The ultra-thin microfiber palm has breathability to keep hands cool. It performs well in humid and rainy conditions for maintaining an extraordinary grip to rip through the swing yet doesn’t wear down the club grips. Money should theoretically be saved on replacing gloves and grips making the kick starter investment more worthy. Current inventory is limited to men’s left-hand gloves, but lefties will not be left out forever and ladies, don’t worry, your sizing is in the plans but for now, the men’s small size accommodates ladies’ medium sized hands.