Precision Breathing and Heart Rate Variability Training Traditionally Reserved for Elite Athletes Now Available for Anyone Seeking to Improve Performance Under Pressure

Neuropeak Pro, a Precision Breathing, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and brain performance company that trains elite athletes to enhance performance under pressure, introduced today the first-of-its-kind mobile, real-time precision breathing training device and performance app designed to unlock optimum performance.  

Wearable “trackers” are everywhere. Neuropeak Pro’s NTEL BELT is different. It’s a real-time training device designed to align diaphragm-based performance breathing and HRV. Each training session is scored, enabling users to track their performance gains through the App. The wearable Bluetooth device (MSRP $399) is positioned around the torso, while the app and instructional videos guide users through training sessions designed to optimize an individual’s ability to respond to stress and unlock “zone-like” performance potential.


 “Neuropeak Pro has helped me understand my breathing and brain performance on a level I never thought possible,” said 8-time PGA TOUR winner Bryson DeChambeau. “Along with my physical training, Precision Breathing and brain performance training have been a key reason for my continued success on the course.”

PGA TOUR stars like DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth along with Pro Bowl Quarterback Kirk Cousins are among an expansive list of professional and amateur athletes adding Neuropeak Pro’s Precision Breathing training to their workout regimens.   

 “For the past two decades athletes have transformed the way they eat and train physically. Unlocking the ability to function optimally while under pressure is the next great advancement in athletic training and performance,” said Rick Kuiper, CEO of Neuropeak Pro. “Our clients have the same commitment to Precision Breathing, heart rate variability, and brain performance training as they do to physical training and healthy eating.”  


The device, mobile app for iOS and Android, and accompanying video content from Director of Golf Performance and former professional golfer Andy Matthews, work together to train the user to better manage stress and help achieve optimal performance under pressure.  


Precision Breathing and HRV training improves performance with a “bottom up” approach that syncs the rhythm of the user’s heart with their breathing structure. The approach is backed by scientific evidence which demonstrates a connection between intentional breathing practices and management of the Autonomic Nervous System, your body’s “fight-or-flight” and “rest-and-recovery” responses.


 “For years, our clients have carried a cumbersome briefcase filled with overcomplicated training equipment so they can train their breathing and heart rate variability while on the road,” said Matthews. “Now the foundational elements of our tour-proven training can be achieved with a streamlined chest strap, sensor and the mobile app. We have taken 15 years of training experience and scientific insights and condensed them into a wearable training device available to everyone.”


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About Neuropeak Pro

Neuropeak Pro is a precision breathing, heart-rate variability and brain performance company that trains elite athletes how to optimize their performance.  Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company works with elite athletes across the PGA TOUR, LPGA, NFL, NBA, MLB and numerous other sports.  More information on the company and its new trainer can be found at https://www.neuropeakpro.com