While golf carts can serve many purposes, there’s a good chance that when winter comes around, you won’t be using them for a while. By taking some time to perform preventative measures, you can keep your golf cart in good condition in the long run. Follow these seven winter storage tips for your golf cart so that it’ll stay in tip-top shape and be ready for spring.

Perform a Winter Deep Clean

It’s always a good idea to get your cart as clean as possible before long-term storage. This means scrubbing it down inside and out. Soap and water should work, but don’t be afraid to break out the degreaser if necessary. You can clean the battery with a bit of baking soda, water, and a brush for the terminals. But be careful during this process. Make sure everything’s dry and clean.

Drain the Fuel

Drain the gas from the cart because bits of fuel can solidify when left in storage over winter. That can be a problem later. Turn off the shut-off valve if applicable. If there isn’t one, make sure to disconnect the fuel line i from the fuel tank.

Do a Full Tune-Up

Now’s the perfect time to check all the small things. Check the fuel and air filters, the fluids, and the spark plugs to see if you need to perform any further maintenance.

Prepare the Battery for Storage

Next, make sure your golf cart’s battery is ready for long-term storage. It may be a lithium-ion battery, lead-acid battery, or AGM battery. Make sure you know how to care for your type well. By fully charging the battery prior to storing it, you can prevent it from freezing in winter temperatures if you live somewhere cold. To protect your cart from either draining the battery or causing any electrical problems while stored, disconnect the battery cables for additional safety.

Inflate the Tires

Now is a great opportunity to check the tire pressure to ensure it’s at the correct level in each tire. This will help keep the tires in shape while in storage.

Find a Secure Place for the Cart

Ideally, you will store your golf cart somewhere safe and flat. Put blocks behind the tires so that they don’t move. Then, disengage the parking brake. You don’t want to leave too much pressure on the brakes over a long period, but you also don’t want it to roll away. Consider raising the cart to relieve pressure on the tires as well.

Park Correctly

Finally, make sure the key switch is off and that the forward and reverse stick remains neutral. Take the key out of the ignition and leave it behind. These seven winter storage tips for your golf cart may take a bit more time than you would like to do, but they’re great for ensuring your cart remains in tip-top shape all winter long.