Everyone can relate to having a busy schedule, whether it is long workdays, taking care of your family and pets or running a list of errands! When schedules get packed tight, it can be easy to slack on getting your workout in. One reason why professional golfers are so great at what they do is because they stay committed to their health and fitness! No matter how busy you are, there are several quick exercises that you can incorporate into your day to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Getting in some movement throughout your day will not only benefit your physical health, but your mental health as well! Here are some of our favorite (quick) home workouts that you can jump on:

  • Yoga. Incorporating some yoga into your daily routine will not only help you relax but will help stretch your muscles and gain strength and balance in your core. Try out a yoga flow and you will feel accomplished, soothed and more flexible.
  • Seated rotations. By performing seated rotations, you are creating more flexible rotational stability for yourself, which will ultimately help to improve your golf swing. While doing seated rotations, try to focus on your core, and even get your neck muscles involved as well.
  • Knee hugs/jumps. Get a little cardio into your day by performing some knee hugs and jumps, which is a great way to maintain your posture while also stretching out your glutes and hamstrings. Switch off between knee hugs and jumps to get your heart rate up while still focusing on stretching your muscles and balancing.
  • Squat walks. If you have a resistance band, now is the time to use it! However, this exercise can be done without one, as well. Squat walks strengthen your glutes so that you are more stable at your base. This greatly impacts your swing, especially your follow-through!