Tournament and event season brings about the need for swag. Event sponsors and host courses rely on it to promote the event and round out the golfer’s experience during the event. Players and guests routinely have the opportunity to choose from some combination of ball markers, bag tag’s, gloves, head covers, sleeves of balls, polo’s and hats! Everyone needs a hat out on the course. It provides the much-needed protection from those nasty rays. Aside from providing sun protection from our worst enemy… the harmful rays, headwear (hats) can also be the perfect way to help manage flights during the event if so desired and every golfer likes a great hat to top off his or her outfit. Everyone wants to look good and a hat says as much about you as your shoes. 


Event/tournament directors always want the best-bang-for-the-buck when hosting an event and look to sponsors for help in doing so. Headwear (hats) come to mind as they are a budget-conscious item that provides the best of both worlds. Form and function if you want to call it that. Think of them as fulfilling a need. They promote and protect. 


Choosing the perfect cap can come with its own set of complications if you are not a “hat guy or gal”. The ole cheaper-the-better way of thinking is not always the best option and most shop pro’s/event directors have the ability to secure a 15-25% discount from their local sales rep. 


When choosing your event headwear consider the main demographic of the attendees, consider the environment, consider the latest headwear trends and most of all consider the message that the event represents. It’s branding 101 and if you 

want most of the attendees to return, work with your headwear rep to create the perfect hat. After all, a great hat will be worn during and well after the event and a cheap, poorly designed bad hat will usually end up at the bottom of a hall closet or tossed in the trunk. 


What constitutes a perfect hat? Start by paying close attention to the one you are wearing. Ask yourself; what made you buy it. It may be the retail brand you want to represent. If it is, put that reason aside for now and focus on the attributes of the hat meaning is it the fabric, fit, color or style? If you are still undecided, ask someone on your staff their opinion. There’s sure to be a headwear coinsurer lingering amongst them. If you are a traditionalist, the ole faithful dad hat won’t let you down. But pay attention to the small details. It can be a simple as a cloth strap closure or a heavy wash on the hat. If you’re one to push the envelope a bit, you can’t go wrong with another classic namely the trucker hat. 


One final thought. Don’t wait until the last minute. Quality swag tops off the overall event experience and gives you the best chance to fill the field time and time again.