As cold weather begins to set in for much of the nation, many of us are putting up our clubs for the season. However, not all of us are spending this winter in hibernation. Many choose to migrate instead by seeking out greener—warmer— pastures. And what better place to tee off than sunny Florida?

Want to make the most of your time in the Orange State? Our tips for planning a golf trip to Florida will help you make your vacation a warm spot in your winter.

Make Reservations Early

Florida is, without a doubt, the most popular state for golf in the United States and a popular vacation spot for those wanting to escape the cold. In other words, just because you’re going in the off-season doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a hotel room or a tee time.

It always pays to plan ahead when you’re planning a golf trip to Florida. If you make sure your tee times are booked before you even step on the plane, you avoid the awkward moment of showing up with your golf clubs and having nowhere to use them.

Decide Between Course Hopping and a Resort

As we said, Florida is rich in golf courses. And some golfers, wanting a little taste of everything, decide to go course hopping. This allows you to explore Florida’s beauty and to completely personalize your golf experience.

The one challenge of course-hopping is that it takes a lot more planning, including finding transportation, making reservations through multiple locations, and researching the courses. An easier option may be to stay at a resort. Although potentially pricey, they often give you ready access to several highly rated courses.

Be Strategic About Packing

A tropical climate doesn’t mean completely perfect weather. In fact, the tropics have their own set of challenges: muggy temperatures, high humidity, and rain—not to mention if you have an early tee time, the temperature at hole one may be significantly cooler than it is at hole nine.

Keep these ideas in mind when you’re packing:

  • Make sure your clothes are moisture-wicking for sweat or rain
  • Bring extra sets of gloves
  • Bring plastic covers to protect your bags from moisture
  • Pack a water bottle
  • Bring layers for changing temperatures.

Also, remember to select a style of golf hat that will meet your needs, whether that means keeping the sun off your face or the rain out of your eyes.

Take Time for Things Other Than Golf

You probably won’t spend every waking minute of your trip on the green. And for those moments of downtime, it’s always a good idea to spend time seeing some of the other sights of the state.

If you want to get in out of the heat, take some time to visit the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine. Otherwise, you can watch other golfers prove their mettle by catching a professional tournament.