By Alice Scott

TRUE linkswear

Who feels like Goldilocks when it comes to golf shoe comfort? One shoe is too stiff, one is too flimsy. The just right feel is very personal and individual. When PGA pro Ryan Moore and his brother (who had caddied for him) Jason Moore set out on their personal quest to find the best in comfortable walking golf shoes, they birthed TRUE linkswear. They wanted to be able to walk 36 holes in comfort and not worry about where to change into or out of their golf shoes. Their tagline is “Enjoy the Walk.” Ryan is walking the talk on tour, now in his 19th season and Jason is running the company as CEO of TRUE linkswear. Both are invested and talk every day about ideas and the future.

Jason shares that they are sticking with the original minimalist fit and feel but improving the sports performance. While some camps emphasize the importance of stabilizing the feet, when shoes are confining, there may be too much torque which is bad for the knees. He also notes that it is beneficial to feel the ground under your feet, especially for reading the greens and assessing the lie of the ball. Other pros have come on board with the TRUE philosophy and feel including Joel Damon, Mark Hubbard and Christina Kim. She tried TRUEs last year when the LPGA Tour banned metal spikes and now rotates between the LUX Knit, LUX Pro and Ripstop.

TRUE linkswearPositives to report on TRUE products are timely delivery, reasonable return policy, and waterproof warranty. Even the breathable knits are water repellant.  Ripstop is the most popular of the breathing knit styles. All shoes are made from sustainable recycled material so that they are not just light on the feet but ”light on the planet.”

The bed of the shoe is meant to conform to the foot.  However, the inserts are removable for personal arch support replacement options. Availability of new spring colors was announced this week. They are novel shades of Vino, Moss, Cobblestone and Asphalt. TRUE may have the remedy for the Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to golf shoes. https://truelinkswear.com/