So, you want to hit the ball farther especially from the tee but before dealing with how, let’s talk about why.

The easy answer is to be able to shoot lower scores. Longer drives mean shorter approach shots with the added benefit that a higher driver swing speed carries over so irons will be hit farther as well.

But let’s be frank. While posting lower scores is satisfying there also another fine motivator, pride, Truth time also compels us to fess up to hitting it past the others in our Saturday foursome may a big deal, a macho thing but not just for men, some women have also confessed similar feelings.

This is all fine but to hit the ball for more yardage you must be prepared to make a serious commitment and yes, here where we bring in the word–dedication. This isn’t something you can do once and forever reap the yardage. Plus, remember ball speed not clubhead speed is really the most important distance metric and often simply improving the quality of ball-club impact will add distance without necessarily more clubhead speed.

We are talking about having the proper driver with the correct shaft to fit your swing to maximize the smash factor or ratio of ball speed to clubhead speed. Weekend golfers typically have a smash factor around 1.42 while and PGA Tour players are close to 1.50 and a lot of that difference is the quality of the ball-clubface impact. Put another way the distance difference with a 100-mph swing speed and a smash factor of 1.4 and one of 1.45 is about ten yards. So having the best driver for your swing is a great start and a professional driver fitting puts well on the road to longer tee shots.

It would be nice though not strictly necessary to have a launch monitor to track your progress. It doesn’t need to expensive since there are several good ones selling for about the same price as a new top of the line driver.

To swing faster requires rotating the body more quickly not just the arms, in fact speeding up the arms without a coordinating move by the body and legs produces mishits, wildly offline drives or both.

The need for speed is fulfilled with strength and balance training, increased flexibility and practice and it helps to pick a goal when getting started. It could be a gain in swing speed (approximately 2-3 additional yards for each additional mile per hour clubhead speed) or something straightforward such as being able to fly a drive over that bunker on the tenth hole which in the past you could only fly in your dreams. Finally, should you have any physical issues talk to a doctor before undertaking what can be intensive training needed to create more speed.

Training with the appropriate equipment is key and here are some products the staff at Northeast Golf likes and believe will help you in your quest for more speed and more yards.

Mach 3 Velociraptor

Mach3 Product to increase speed
Mach 3 has a variety of speed training devices but the most unique is the Velociraptor which retails for $165 and they offer a package for high school and college coaches inlcuding other speed training tools. The Velociraptor is a flexible handle attached to a 50-foot-long rope that to used correctly must be tied to an immovable object or anchor. Training is done through a series of single arm and double arm drills swinging the handle and causing the rope to whip back and forth with, especially used with two arms, a level of high exertion. This makes Velociraptor good for improving flexibility, strengthening the body core and overall fitness conditioning. A library of instruction videos is available with purchase.

Most Important Stretch in Golf

stretching to increase speed

MISG addresses the need to improve the amount of back swing turn of the shoulders while stretching the back and hips. It consists of a 41-inch shaft with an 8-ounce ball on the end and a sliding handle which attaches to a cuff wrapped around the left arm using one of three stretch cords. To use, from the address position make a back swing by sliding the handle up towards the end of the shaft with the ball. This action stretches the cord while pulling the left arm around stretching and strengthening the back, shoulders, and hips. To complete the exercise simply return to address allowing the handle to slide back up the shaft. The $119 MISG package includes light, medium and strong cords.

GolfForever Swing Trainer

Golf forever swing
Endorsed by World Number One Scottie Scheffler the GolfForever is 44.5-inch bar with grips at each end that combines resistance band bar training with a weighted club swinging. The $199 price package includes the bar, a resistance band and two weighted balls plus two handles plus a door anchor which allows several exercises to improve strength, range of motion, balance, and overall conditioning. The GolfForever app comes with purchase at no charge with 30-day access to a customized improvement program and 500 instruction videos. Continued use of the app is $24.99 per month or $16.58 monthly when billed annually.

Rypstick from RYP Golf


The Rystick trainer is available in four lengths—45 inches men, 44 inches seniors and women, 41 inches juniors and 38 inches indoor—and they suggest swinging it three times per week for 10 minutes. The shaft, grip, and head weighs 270 grams but adding to the head one or more of the included three 30-gram weights total weight can be increased in increments to 360 grams. There is also a 60 gram counterweigh which may be screwed into the butt end of the grip taking the total to 420 grams. Priced at $199 including a headcover the company also offers several videos on their website for proper use and fixing common swing faults.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Orange whip swing trainer- need for speed

The Orange Whip trainer has been popular for several years and continues to provide a way for average golfers to learn how to swing a driver faster. The standard model (there are three shorter length models) has a very flexible shaft 47 inches long with a grip and counterweight at one end and an orange ball replacing the clubhead at the other. Overall, the weight is 1.75 lbs. The Orange Whip ($109) works great for a preround warmup however its real value is making full swings as part of a program to improve balance and speed. The website has instructional videos, and an annual membership with more in-depth video training plus a special lightweight speed trainer is available.