R21 line of woods, and irons, released at the end of last season, is now available in retail locations and Honma Mobile Fitters. Consumers are now testing the popular TR21X Irons, TR21 FTi “BIG-LB” Fairway Metal, TR21 F Fairways and TR21 H Hybrids to rave reviews. See below for a quick snapshot of two of the leading products:


TR21X_toe.jpg Golfers seeking high launch, long carry distance and spin control have a beautifully crafted option in the new TR21X iron with a back design styled after the tour validated TR20B and internal construction that produces exceptional ball flight. The new TR21 products combine 60 years of expert Japanese craftsmanship with the cutting-edge construction and performance-forward thinking expected in the North American market. Honma’s TR21 and TR20 products combine in perfect harmony the things that premium performance golfers want – beautifully-crafted looks, great sound, solid feel, fast ball speed and playability that makes the game easier and more enjoyable.


TR21_BigLB_tech.jpgFor power and accuracy off the tee or from the fairway, the new TR21 FTi BIG-LB Fairway is brazed to a substantially heavy SUS630 stainless-steel sole to the bottom of the club to lower CG and produce higher launch. The steel sole, developed in Japan by one of Honma’s experienced Takumi, accounts for nearly half of the entire weight of the clubhead. A 12-gram tungsten weight located in the center rear portion of the sole promotes high-launch and high-MOI while helping supply the club’s signature “low balance.” The sole weight is interchangeable and the club features Honma’s innovative non-rotating hosel to provide loft and lie adjustment as well as maintaining the proper shaft spine position, regardless of the setting.



Scheduled to be released on March 2, 2021, Honma’s popular game improvement line under T//World is adding to the family with a complete set of Gain Speed (GS) clubs. GS is specifically designed to help golfers gain speed translating to more distance. The GS line has already been put in the bags of six athletes on The Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (JLPGA).


If you are planning any upcoming equipment articles about new drivers, irons, fairway woods, please consider Honma’s new TR21 and GS lines for your stories. We can provide additional product specs and hi-resolution photos.