In the game of golf, the type and brand of ball you choose to play significantly impacts your overall performance, consistency, and ability to score well and improve. The golf ball is the most important piece of equipment because you use it on every shot.

Today golf balls are designed for every swing speed and skill level. Industry manufacturers are constantly tweaking materials and designs to meet the needs of various golfers. The average golfer playing 1-2 times weekly will use more than 100 golf balls yearly; for this reason alone, golf balls are the most purchased item in the game.

OnCore Balls

Golf Gear Reality Check

Golf ball studies have shown that most players choose a ball based on brand popularity, advertising, and mostly on what professional golfers play, without considering what ball will perform best for their game. Golf is hard enough, but when playing the game without being properly fit for clubs and balls, it becomes impossible to improve.

Sadly, over 90% of golfers in the U.S. today ignore the obvious fact they are playing with the wrong equipment. With only 25% of all golfers ever breaking 90, and only 2% ever breaking 80, the facts speak for themselves.

Golfers are in love with speed and distance but, unfortunately less concerned about accuracy, performance, and results, which are the most important.


OnCore Changing the Game

Fortunately, this all has begun to change because of the mission and philosophy of a golf ball company that thinks differently about the game and how well you are able to play the game. Its golf balls are designed and produced based on science and an unwavering understanding that there must be a better way.


OnCore Golf is committed to making golf better by delivering high-performance golf balls for all skill levels, and introducing disruptive technologies to help golfers improve their games. The company’s proprietary materials apply unique and patented product designs that deliver exceptional performance. OnCore’s world-renowned engineering and design teams are led by John Calabria, who has been behind many of the most successful golf balls ever made. What he has created at OnCore is changing the game for us all.

OnCore Golf VeroX

The OnCore Lineup

OnCore first hit the market in 2011 in Buffalo N.Y. and disrupted traditional golf ball design standards by introducing the first hollow-metal core golf ball, the first ever and only USGA approved in 2012.

Over the years OnCore has introduced the 2-piece AVANT 55, and the ELIXR 2020, a 3-piece ball design that received Golf Digest’s Hot List Gold Award.

The ELIXR 2022 rolled out last year to rave reviews featuring a slightly higher compression (84 vs. 80).

The VERO X1 and X2 followed with an innovative perimeter weighting and optimized spin control, gaining universal accolades across the industry in the premium ball market category.

The VERO X1 is a 4-piece ball featuring perimeter weighting and a cast urethane cover. Its 85 compression produces a softer feel that many golfers prefer. Its design encourages less spin off the driver, helping to eliminate slices.

The VERO X2 is also a 4-piece, cast urethane ball featuring perimeter weighting. Its 95 compression is geared to higher swing speeds.

Official Ball of the Epson Tour

The Net Result

OnCore has created a line of golf balls that simply perform well at all levels for every golfer. The VERO X1 & X2 are disrupting how people play the game by adding performance features not found in any other golf balls.

The VERO X1 with an 85 compression is a perfect fit for mid- to low-handicap players with driver swing speeds between 95 and 110 mph. This ball is longer off the tee, has better feel, great trajectory on iron shots, and feels ideal around the greens for your short game. The VERO X2 is designed for higher swing speeds with a 95 compression that rivals the performance of almost all major brands in this category. 

If you have not tried OnCore golf balls, I strongly suggest you give them a try. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by how good they are and how much better they play over your present ball.

Yes! –  You can play better with a better ball!!