Second Generation Tour-Caliber Ball Provides Even More Distance and Control


BUFFALO, N.Y. – OnCore Golf Technology will debut its enhanced ELIXR three-piece performance golf ball in April, the second generation of its award-winning, perimeter-weighted Tour-caliber ball originally introduced in 2018.

At that time, the ELIXR was OnCore’s first golf ball engineered specifically for players with higher swing speeds and the flagship model brought together a unique mix of advanced materials and design to deliver an exceptional combination of distance, spin, control and feel off the club face. The first generation ELIXR went on to win numerous awards including back-to-back Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medals in 2019 and 2020.

“With the response to our launch of the original ELIXR, we knew we’d created a ball for serious golfers that represented a legitimate challenge to the competition,” says OnCore Golf Co-Founder Bret Blakely. “The ELIXR’s performance led to the development of the four-piece VERO X1 for golfers with even higher swing speeds and lower handicaps.  We’re now focusing our attention back on the ‘gateway tour ball’ that started it all and has continued to receive rave reviews from a wide range of players, media outlets and equipment testers.”

Like the original, the 2022 ELIXR provides golfers with perimeter weighting for greater accuracy and reduced side spin off the driver. A unique polybutadiene core delivers outstanding coefficient of restitution (CoR) for higher ball speed, resulting in more carry and roll. Additionally, a durable urethane cover with a 350-dimple pattern (up from 318), slightly firmer cover, and mid-compression ball (mid-80s) specification delivers a pure feel off the club face and gives the ELIXR more overall distance, superior greenside control, durability and unmatched performance in its category.

While ELIXR’s overall performance has increased, OnCore is pleased to announce that the price has not.  The new ELIXR retails for $29.99 per dozen with additional discounts available to loyalty members and for bulk purchases. More information will be available in the coming weeks at www.oncoregolf.com.

About OnCore Golf Technology

One of the most disruptive golf technology companies of the past decade, OnCore Golf Technology delivers breakthrough products that help improve the on-course performance of golfers worldwide. Anchored by proprietary perimeter-weighting and high moment of inertia technology, its AVANT 55, ELIXR, and VERO X1 balls have captivated communities of golfers from beginners to elite players. OnCore Golf is also pioneering the leading artificial intelligence-based golf instruction app – Golf Boost AI (www.golfboost.com) – as well as introducing innovative designs for futuristic golf entertainment centers. The company’s management team includes executives who’ve led several of the highest-profile global golf brands in R&D, operations, manufacturing and marketing roles.