P-790 Players Distance Irons
An updated version of TaylorMade’s 2017 P-790s, the best-selling irons in the history of the company, has been announced and will be at retail on Sept. 6. These forged hollow body irons have a 7% thinner face than the old model with progressive variable face thickness they call Inverted Cone Technology.


TMaG uses their Speed Foam injected inside the head to give added ball speed and control sound and vibration while weighting is improved with a 15% bigger interior tungsten weight. The sole sports an improved Speed Slot to further to help the face flex at impact. Pitching wedge loft is 45°. Pricing is $1,400 with steel shafts or $1,600 with graphite.


The line also has a new driving iron called the P-790 UDI or Ultimate Driving Iron that has a new MIM tungsten internal weight that increases the resistance to twisting. It is only is available in 2-iron loft and in stores also on Sept. 6 priced at $230.


P-790 Ti Ultra-premium Game-Improvement Irons

TaylorMade has introduced this game-improvement iron model placing them squarely in the ultra-premium iron market with a titanium body, a very thin titanium face and a massive tungsten weight equally almost half the clubhead’s mass. The blade is slightly larger than the regular P-790s and the sole wider and incorporates TMaG’s familiar Speed Slot.

A larger sweet spot provides more forgiveness on off center hits in an iron that doesn’t look like the typical game-improvement club. Loft of the pitching wedge is 43.5°. Retail is $2,800 with steel shafts or $3,000 with graphite shafts and they will be in shops on November 8.


0311 ST Irons
PXG says, “We couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to make a pure tour blade,” and the result is the players-category triple forged PXG 0311 ST irons featuring a grain structure with fewer voids and CNC milling for an ultra-premium price. The blade-style clubhead has very little offset and thin topline and has nickel chrome plating that resists corrosion and is anti-glare. The 0311 ST (Super Tour) has seven of PXG’s weight ports across the rear of the clubhead and the head’s weight placement produces a relatively low launch trajectory with higher spin desired by better players. Pitching wedge loft is 47°. Available for pre-order now with shipment scheduled by October pricing is $650 per club, the highest price of any PXG iron.


TP Patina Putters
The third generation of the TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Putter Collection has seven models three blade-style (Soto, Juno, Del Monte) and four mallets (Ardmore 1, 2 & 3, DuPage). All use TMaG’s Pure Roll aluminum insert with grooves cut at 45° and now 5mm thicker. The inset is fastened in place with special screws to minimize air pockets. The patina finish naturally tarnishes to a unique classic look and two sole weights provide balance with improved forgiveness.


MG2 Wedges
An update of the TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges has been announced that makes use of CNC milling similar to the P-7TW irons. The Milled Grind 2 face has no surface plating to help the ZTP Raw Grooves that can be deeper, narrower and sharper with milling between to provide even more spin control. The head is a thick-thin design with more mass behind the center of the face and less towards the edges. Available at retail starting September 6, MG2 Wedges are available in two different finishes, Satin Chrome and Matte Black, each priced at $170.


Hi-Toe Big Foot Wedge
TaylorMade has added the Big Foot game-improvement category wedge to the Hi-Toe family featuring an asymmetric sole grind both flatter and 6mm wider with a beveled leading edge to improve contact with the turf. The Hi-Toe design raises the center of gravity to create more spin with a lower launch. Available at retail beginning September 6 for $170 with either a steel or graphite shaft.


Images courtesy of manufacturers