In 2018 PXG introduced the 0311 GEN2 irons, a forged body blade with their familiar tungsten weights around the perimeter of the back. These were and are available for $400 each but now this nontraditional club company has varied its approach to attracting new customers.
The new 0211 irons rather than the 0311 GEN2’s ultra-premium price carry a list retail of less than half, $195 with steel shafts. This means though the 0211s are still not cheap but, as PXG points out they are “priced within reach,” falling in the upper end of the premium-price category irons sold by other manufacturers.

The differences between the 0311 GEN2 and new 0211 irons are significant starting with instead of being forged the body of the 0211s is investment cast from 431 stainless steel (a harder grade of steel) and the rear rim of tungsten weights is gone. The face design of the 0311 GEN2 irons has been retained but is thinner, only 1.5mm or roughly the thickness of a penny. According to PXG this makes it thinner than any other iron you can buy. The thin face besides allowing more rebound at impact also allows more weight to be positioned towards the rear and around the edges, a big factor in creating forgiveness for off center hits.

Inside the head and to support the thinner face is a polymer layer that also does the job of dampening vibration while helping produce a solid feel and sound.
A set of 0211s has a progressive design with wider soles in the lower lofts and the higher lofts having less sole width with more bounce. Face and frame are edge welded by laser which gives a wider sweet spot for help with not-quite-in-the-center impacts. The company tells me the improvement in size is a “15% larger functional face area.”
Brand & Model:
PXG 0211 irons
Key Features:
Polymer filled cast heads
More forgiving weight placement
Price & Availability:
On PXG.com and from custom club fitters – $195 steel shafts and $210 graphite shafts
Need to Know:
PXG is going down-market in price from their previous offerings to attract additional sales with a cast iron rather than forged. Significant technical design features including progressive set makeup, weighting for forgiveness and polymer dampening. Stock steel shafts are the True Temper Elevate 95g and Mitsubishi MMT 70g.

Bridgestone’s New e6

The new e6 from Bridgestone takes over from the three-year-old e6 SOFT and e6 SPEED with a low-compression 2-piece Surlyn cover design promoted as having a super soft feel from the lower compression core.
“The e-Family of Bridgestone golf balls keeps getting better and better,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager. “With the recent introduction of e12 SOFT and SPEED, we’ve ensured that players who love the feel and playability of a 3-piece, Surlyn construction golf ball have two distinct swing speed options in our e-product lineup. In addition, now we have reformulated the e6 to provide a more economical option for consumers who are seeking distance and super soft feel.”
There’s also a new e6 LADY that’s has an even soft feel. Both are in stores for $21.00 per dozen with the e6 having he choice of white or yellow and the e6 LADY white or pink.