Recently, PING has announced a brand-new i59 iron. It is a forged blade that delivers the same look, feel, and trajectory control that is preferred by experienced players. This iron has been highly anticipated by golfers around the world, and for good reason. Check out a few highlights of the i59 iron that makes it a must-have for the Fall season:

PING i59 irons – FIRST LOOK! - bunkered.co.uk

  • AlumniCore Technology. The AlumniCore Technology allows PING to increase the MOI by moving the weight to the perimeter using toe and shaft tip weights. Each iron requires a different size of the aluminum core. Doing this adds to the precision and complexity of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance. This results in a forgiving, forged iron with a crisp, solid feel at impact. 
  • Friction Face with MicroMax™ Milled Grooves. The MicroMax grooves offer tighter spacing as well as a geometry that results in an average of four extra grooves on each club, reducing fliers in the short irons and preserving spin in the long irons for greater control and consistency. 
  • 100% Inspected Manufacturing. The manufacturing process has been perfected, including 100% inspection of numerous steps such as sole shaping, head polishing, face machining, and head forging. In addition, swaging was implemented. This applies pressure to three parts, creating a unibody-style part that is plasma-welded to seal the seams.

Golf Clubs | Best Price Guarantee at Golf GalaxyThis iron is available in 10 different color codes and retails at $275 per club with stock sheel shaft or $290 per club with stock graphite shaft.