A new Vokey Wedge Fitting App for indoor wedge fitting – developed by Titleist and Vokey engineers in collaboration with Titleist club fitting experts – is the first of its kind.

Specifically designed to enhance the wedge fitting experience for all golfers, The Vokey Wedge Fitting App golfers enhanced access to quality, precise wedge recommendations to improve their wedge play.

“We encourage all golfers to get fit for their wedges because we know it will help improve short game performance. This process raises the bar on wedge fitting by making high-quality experiences easier to access than ever before.” – Brett Porath, Senior Director, Titleist Club Fitting.

 Working with an expert Vokey wedge fitter, golfers are asked a series of questions about their technique, course conditions, and how they use different wedges for specific shots in a round of golf. Taking grind selection to another level, the Vokey Wedge Fitting App incorporates launch monitor technology to measure a player’s technique on a series of shots – from full shots to greenside pitches.

“Selecting the correct wedges, particularly the right grinds, leads to more confidence and lower scores. With the depth of options Vokey offers, getting custom fit is truly the best way to unlock the best short game tools for your game.” – Corey Gerrard, Marketing Director, Vokey Wedges.

The Vokey Wedge Fitting App focuses on data relating to a player’s angle of attack and their shaft lean at impact. Working in concert with the questions previously discussed with a fitter, the Vokey Wedge Fitting App ultimately recommends specific wedge grinds suited to the player’s technique and course conditions.


  • The app matches data from a player’s technique to various playing conditions to find the right loft, bounce and grind combination for their wedge setup.
  • Players will hit a series of shots based on the types of shots they will hit in a round of golf, including full swings, pitch shots and greenside shots with an open face.
  • The app then makes recommendations based on how golfers deliver the club differently for various shot types (e.g., full, pitch, open face)
  • Working with an expert Vokey fitter, players receive recommended grinds through an interactive process that typically lasts 10-15 minutes.