*A Glory Day at The Patriot*
_By Danny and Alice Scott_

The Patriot Golf Club in Owasso, Oklahoma is private for prestigious members leaning into philanthropy as it shares some real estate with the headquarters of Folds of Honor, founded by golf professional Lt Col Dan Rooney. Dan is also an F16 fighter pilot with three combat tours in Iraq. The charitable organization provides educational scholarships for spouses and children of America’s military heroes who have been disabled or killed while serving their country. Inside the new headquarters is a store with merchandise which is sold online as well. Cottages along the course are reserved for heavy donors’ visits.

Taps are played at the clubhouse every day at 1pm to honor our fallen heroes and patriots. All operations cease, with staff and members placing hands over hearts in remembrance of those who gave all.

April Fools’ Day marked Ali Sezgin’s fifth anniversary as the GM at The Patriot after Operations duty at the elite Southern Hills in Tulsa. He considers himself an Okie after living here 25 years and is pleased with the renovations completed this year with the Robert Trent Jones Jr. team.

The first hole sets the stage for the dramatic design with an elevated tee box to the valley far below. It is a buzzard’s eye view as they circle the woods while golfers devour the panorama. Several holes repeat the tee launchpads to precipitous drops into the valley.
Set in the Stone Canyon Community, sheer granite walls mix with wooded land for prime natural aesthetics. Hole 6 has an alternating a and b option, depending on the day. Option b is a zigzag adventurous climb to the short par 3, or you can cheat and drive around the hill to ascend there.

The 18th climax requires careful thought and consideration to successfully cross the deep canyon along the left side and full front of the green. Consternation abounds, given the inevitability of having to cross the chasm to finish.

The members’ clubhouse is elegantly designed, paying homage to the founders and servicemen. We met one of those founders on the driving range and again on the course. “Barb’s,” demeanor is so uplifting, he says, “If I had a tail I’d be wagging it.” He reflects the optimism and hope as well as the fun spirit that lives in The Patriot Golf Club.