Do you generally play golf with a partner? Golf partners are great to travel to the course with, share tips and tricks with, and share your love of the game with. Golf partners are also a great way to ensure that you are holding yourself accountable to play at your best level. If you are a golf partner yourself, you know how important it is to be supportive, motivating, and helpful. Here are some signs that you should work on improving as a golf partner:

  • You talk too often. Golf can absolutely be seen as a social game, but it is important to know
    when to draw the line and allow for there to be silence so that your partner and others playing
    are able to focus on their shot. By talking often and at a rapid pace, you are going to upset
    those around you.
  • You get angry fast. Emotions can run high on the course, and when you are amid a stressful
    game, you may exude some anger more than you would like to admit. By getting angry quickly,
    you are causing more stress for your partner, and making the game less enjoyable. When
    something does not go your way, try your best to take a breath, relax and think through what went wrong and why.
  • You use your cell phone frequently. When on the course, do your best to keep your cell phone away as much as possible. While everyone understands that emergencies do come up without notice, being on your cell phone, whether talking or texting, is disrespectful and distracts other players.