Everyone can relate to having a busy schedule, whatever that means to you personally. For some, busy schedules may mean extremely long workdays, taking care of your family and pets, going to school, or running a long list of errands. Regardless of what makes up your daily schedule, when the schedule becomes packed tight, it can be easy to make up excuses or slack on getting workouts in.

One reason why professional golfers are so great at what they do each day is because they stay committed to their health and fitness, regardless of anything that may come up in their lives. Even if you are forced to skip a day in the gym, overall, consistency is key! If you are extra busy and stressing about how to keep up your physical health, we have got you covered! There are several quick exercises and movements that you can easily incorporate into your day to get your blood flowing, heart pumping, and endorphins up! Getting in these movements throughout the day will not only benefit your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Our favorite, easy, and quick home workouts that you can jump on in the midst of a chaotic day: 

Squat walks

Squat walks. 

Grab a resistance band and get ready to burn those glutes! Squat walks are a great way to strengthen your glutes so that you are more stable at your base. This greatly impacts your swing, especially your follow-through. While squat walks are very effective with resistance bands, they can easily be done without them as well. Begin your squat walks with your feet shoulder width apart and as you are getting into a squat position, make sure that you are engaging your core. Stay as low as possible as you walk forward, and after several steps, walk backwards in the same position. Do this several times and you will definitely start to feel the burn! 

home workouts

Knee hugs and jumps. 

You can never go wrong with a little cardio added into your day. Performing knee hugs and jumps is a great way to improve and maintain your posture while also stretching out your glutes and hamstrings. If you are someone that often forgets to stretch, this is an awesome way to get that stretch in while also burning some extra calories and getting your heart rate up. To engage in knee hugs and jumps, switch off between knee hugs and jumps to keep your heart rate going while focusing on strengthening your muscles and balancing. 

Seat rotation- at home workouts

Seated rotations. 

For lower impact workouts, consider doing seated rotations to create a more flexible rotational stability for yourself, ultimately helping you to improve your golf swing. Sit down in a chair and fold your arms and elbows below your shoulders. Next, begin to slowly turn to one side, starting with your waist and doing your head last. During each turn, hold for a count of 10-30 seconds depending on how deeply you are feeling the stretch.

Home workouts- yoga


Yoga can help anyone at any fitness level and at any age. It will not only help you to relax, but it will help stretch your muscles while simultaneously gaining strength and balance in your core. Not to mention, yoga can help to improve your respiration, energy, and vitality, as well as balance your metabolism. There are many different types of yoga poses that you can try out, or if you have access to an instructor, you can try out a full yoga flow. Some of the most popular yoga poses to being practicing include the lotus, downward facing dog, or the cobra.