We don’t always have the time or energy to head out to the golf course for a bit of practice, but that’s no reason not to sharpen your skills. You have various options for how you can improve your golf game from home. Here are a few of our favorites.

Following an Expert Online

The internet is an excellent source of information, and fortunately, many experts share that information freely with the public. Finding an online teacher and keeping up with their processes offers significant advantages when you start practicing from home. Keeping up with the fundamentals of a seasoned professional is a great way to keep your head in the game.

Focus on Shot Practice

If you have access to a space that’s at least 10 feet long and 10 feet wide, you have a safe area to practice your golf swing. Keeping up with your form and working on your swing is a great way to improve your golf game from home. Working on your full swing or practicing the proper stance while keeping your head still during putting are great ways to stay focused. Many golfers invest in a hitting surface for their practice area. A designated target allows you to practice your swing on a specific spot instead of simply going through the motions.

Record Your Practice

It may be a little embarrassing, but you might want to consider setting up a camera and full-length mirror while you practice. A body-sized mirror will allow you to better view your posture, grip, and balance. Meanwhile, recording yourself during practice gives you time to cool down, get a nice Arnold Palmer, and review your footage to analyze and study yourself. The best teacher is experience, and learning your own practice is a great way to see where you need to improve.

With a bit of space and the ability to capture and view your practices, you can get in some valuable practice that’s sure to pay off the next time you’re out on the links.